The Chosen | – Dallas’s Director Vlog 01: Updates, our favorite upcoming scenes, and disciple John interview

In the first of weekly director’s vlogs, you’ll get:

1. Updates and current behind the scenes [support us] /> 2. Our post production [support us] /> 3. Our favorite upcoming scenes in Episodes [support us] /> 4. Dallas interviews George Xanthis, who plays John the disciple.

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The Chosen WHY A TV SERIES ABOUT JESUS? We've been making movies for some of the biggest studios in Hollywood for 20 years. But a subject this important shouldn't be entrusted to Hollywood. It needs to be made by us. Isaiah 43:19 says, "Behold, I am doing a new thing..." The Chosen is a new thing. * How it was financed is new: We're the #1 highest crowd-funded media project of all time -- over $10 million from over 19,000 people. * The content is new: We're the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Christ. * The way to watch it is new: We're the first show to have our own app that connects directly to your streaming devices. No subscription needed. Just search "The Chosen" where you get apps and download to your phone. * How it's reaching the world is new: The show is free, but by "paying it forward," you help ensure people around the world can see it -- we're currently in every country. Welcome to a new thing!

Comment (48)

  1. Don't know if you're there yet, but I am looking forward to seeing Judas. My perspective on Jesus changed when I realized that Judas was there when Jesus was washing the disciples' feet. One of his last moments with Christ was Jesus on his knees in front of him, wiping the dirt off his feet and wearing it. And then after he betrays Jesus, he refuses to let Jesus pay for his sins. He punishes himself. It's so tragic.

    I'll be praying for your writing process in a few weeks. My calendar is marked! 🙂

  2. I really loved your mention of Asperger's in this video. I have already been moved to tears by Elizabeth Tabish's portrayal of Mary Magdalene through her flashbacks and suicidal ideation. Sometimes it can feel like mental illness precludes us from being part of Christ's story, and its beautiful to see that we belong, scars and imperfections and all.

  3. Not to nitpick, but I think the book of James was written by James the brother of Jesus who took a leading role in the Jerusalem church after Pentecost. Sadly for James the brother of John, he was the first of the apostles to be martyred probably within 10 years after Jesus.

  4. I am looking forward to Peter's growth from here on forward. He's one of my favorite disciples and when I see him in Acts or read his letters I'm always blown away with his transformation. In the beginning he is a little bit of a wild card, and if I didn't know the story I would be asking Jesus, "are you sure you want this guy", lol. I loved the ending of episode 4 where Jesus performs the miracle of the fish and Peter flips and surrenders in awe. I think the actor is doing a great job of portraying Peter as well.

  5. So far I've loved getting to know all the characters and what you're doing to bring them to life for us, but of course, just as like for real when I get to heaven and long to see my Saviour first of all, I'm really looking forward to see what you're going to do to round him out as a person and bring Him to life, and just watch him react with people. It's been beautiful watching that so far, especially like with Mary Magdalene. Thank you. I'm so glad that God put this on your heart and opened all the doors to bring it to reality, and for being able to be a tiny part of it as well. Praying for God's continuing blessings and guidance on all concerned.

  6. Which video did you talk about, it had the same background as this video, your vision for the project and addressing concerns of going off the biblical text if i put it like that. I would like to send the link to a friend but cannot find the video. Thanks.

  7. I’m super excited about John in this series, can’t wait to see how you have his character develop throughout the show. By the way though, the writer of the epistle of James in the Bible was the brother of Jesus. John’s brother was actually the first of the disciples to be martyred (by Herod in Acts 12:2).

  8. I watch this series every day. No, I’m not exaggerating…. every day. It fills my heart with the love I have for Jesus Christ and with His love for me… and you portray His journey so so well. ❤️”Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”❤️

  9. Really awesome how you are taking all avenues to get this show to everybody all around the world and making it as easy as possible for anyone to see the show! Your show is really taking the potency of the internet and social media to truly glorify our Lord and bring the Gospel to the peoples hearts!

  10. Awesome show! I love it and pray for you and your crew and actors to continue and be blessed and successful in making all episodes in the series of 12 seasons. I know you are shooting for eight, but seven and twelve are special numbers to God so let's see what he has in store! BTW, check out this history and verify with biblical scholars. Moses was 80 years old when he lead the people out of Egypt. He was 40 when he fled after killing the Egyptian. He spent another 40 in the desert finding himself a wife and raised a family and worked as a herdman, before he encountered God. (40+40=80). He was 80 at that time. He encountered God as a burning bush, then he lead the people out of Egypt and spent another 40 years with them in the desert after they sinned (golden calf event). (80+40=120). Remember that he himself was not allowed to enter the promised land. So when he had forged the serpent (Aaron was the skilled metalsmith, not Moses so it was likely Aaron casted the bronze snake), which occured shortly after their desert wanderings, Moses would have been at least 80 years old or thereabouts when that serpent was casted in bronze. More than likely, Aaron did it because Moses was already aging and Aaron had made the golden calf because he was skilled in metal crafts. Moses was a herdsman, a shepherd so to speak. So after the 40 years of keeping the people wandering in the desert he would have been 120 years old. (Math: 40+40+40= 120.) He assigned Joshua to lead the people to the promised Land. He was 120 years old when he died. (I could give you my knowledgeable history and research background here) but the purpose it to just bring a bit of possible historical information to light.

  11. Thank you for these interviews with the cast! This particular one with George Xanthis helped me to have a better understanding and appreciation of Season 1. I enjoyed listening to George’s easy manner and candid way of expressing himself. Finally, since I’ve noticed it and George did mention it, may I know why the actor for Big James was changed from Episode 4 to the rest of Season 1? Thank you.

  12. I love this show. But I am questioning your saying that James, the brother of John, wrote the letter to the 12 Hebrew tribes scattered abroad among the Gentiles. According to the Amplified Version of the Bible, there is a footnote in James 1:1, who is telling that he was the half brother of Jesus. You may already have got your insight to this. Hopefully. Because this may be a continuing show based upon the Acts and the letters from the other apostles we have.

  13. At 20:24 and on, when George says to Dallas that the universal voice of the show is a credit to "the writers and the creator of the show", I sort of expected Dallas to answer, "well, it's actually in a big part thanks to John", who was the author of one of the gospels. Actually, episodes 5, 7 and 8 follow John's chapters 2, 3 and 4 really closely. And I discovered on my second or third viewing of episode 7 that John is taking notes of the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus, and I loved that detail.
    You know, Dallas, theres is this beautiful circular thing going on, so that you guys, the writers of the show, are writing about the writers of the original story "The Chosen" is portraying, and ultimately you're writing about the Author of Life Himself. And you guys are doing a great job, thanks to Him, as John and Matthew (and the other gospel's writers) did so well thanks to Him too.

  14. I hope that as you develop John's character, it will become obvious to all of us the great love relationship between him and Jesus. Why did he call himself the ONE that Jesus loved? Was he really affectionate? Were there other characteristics that Jesus would love that would make him choose Peter, James and John so often more than the others? What were they? I look forward to this! Great interview!

  15. Wonderful!! This show is moving very quickly! God is on the Move!!! Thank you, Dallas!
    I can't think of a single episode that didn't leave me breathless and wanting more.
    Quick question: Is there a way for me to gift a digital season by email?

  16. I would love to see longer behind the scenes videos! Not super long but like 10-15 min behind the scene videos would be perfect!

    Also, I love hearing about the stories from the Bible & really try to understand them, I would love to hear more from you guys (you, the actors/actresses, producers, writers, etc.) as well as others, such as pastors, priests, rabbis, historians, archeologists, etc. & hear all of your point of views/interpretations!

  17. I know they are talking about John beating James to the boat and talking about John being eager etc but in the Gospels John makes it a point to write down that when Mary Magdalene tells the apostles she saw the risen Christ, Peter and John run to the tomb and he specifically brags that he beat Peter to the tomb! How fitting that this happened. John is just a fast runner and wanted the world to KNOW that Christ had risen….and he beat Peter in a footrace when he found out 😉

  18. " Repent is the START ……. "
    Repent simply means ; rethought , rethink ,
    with great anguishing in despair ,
    change in the heart of mind

    … until you " Repent " you will not turn any direction ,
    you will only continue in and on your current way .

    If not …, then PERISH …
    Perish simply means ; to be rendered not usable for the intended purpose …

    Yahusha said to him,
    “I am the Way,
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    No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    MARANATHA ……. The Repent Guy

  19. Your portrayal of the disciple John is superb! I have a personal connection to the character. In a Easter church play titled "The Day He Wore My Crown", I played John. The entire production was phenomenal. When Jesus was on the cross and my character (John) walked toward the cross with Mary, the mother of Christ, I felt as if I was no longer me, but I was John. It was the same with the woman, who portrayed Mary. We both were streaming tears.

    "The Chosen" is SO needed for the world in this tumultuous time! Bravo to Dallas and crew and to God be the glory for this inspirational series! Get use to DIFFERENT!