Touré Roberts | – "Restructuring" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Comment (40)

  1. Wow I'm getting chills …thank you Sarah Jake's…. It takes alot to keep my attention…this is a powerful message!!!! Its prophetic and yall dont even know it…
    She just spoke a word of faith into our life…the ones who recieved it

  2. The relevance of this message in my life in this very moment is nothing but simply amazing. Surely God speaks and twice have I heard. I prophesy that in 2 years time a significant birth is coming in my life, by reason of this sermon. I shall testify how my life was restructured. Its not making sense now, but its only a matter of time

  3. Yes Lord complete RESTORATION in my Marriage father you know my ❤️Lord I have Surrender it all to you Lord I have never done this posted a comment but this is needed father I still don’t know what went wrong but I don know this is not from you lord 31 years father I believe in you and in miracles your will not my will I came across this sermon there is no mistake. Do a reconstruction in me in my marriage if it’s your will!!

  4. They turned you to their side…look at you. You're so big in word literally. Be yourself and stop following your daddy and follow The Father and Jesus…They are using you for Their fight. First STOP letting your husband do the cooking..he is using delicious spices to make YOU FAT. Mo taught him those recipes and your husband see you are getting good at your craft, so he wants to make you fat to keep you with him. Fun right. Look at Oprah, Stedman kept her FAT. Cook.

  5. Your husband put shit in your hair products that caused it to fall out. Watch me make it reach your shoulders in 6-9 months. I'm senders the gift to Oprah first. Purchase a bag and put a lock on your hair care products…a combination lock. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!

  6. When this video came out I was in my restructuring period not knowing what would have come of it. Today I came across this videos just days before o launch to the world my first business and I was feeling nerves and anxiety about it. Woke up and pray and God brought me to this video. Sarah was talking directly to me and I know that was God using her to reassure me that he got me and I had not to fear. If someone out there is experiencing their restructuring period trust God don't worry about what you see or lose along the way now it will ALL make sense in the end.I'm a living testimony on how God flipped my world in 2019. And even in the middle of a pandemic he showing up and showing out!