WAY Nation | – Jeremy Camp Sings DC Talk and the Song it Took Him 10 years to Write

Listen to Jeremy Camp sing a song it took him 10 years to write along with his favorite dc Talk song. Usually, we get to hear his songs with a band’s backing. This time, it’s just Jeremy and an acoustic guitar. And he sounds amazing!

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WAY Nation We live in a world that can leave us feeling angry, anxious, and broken. WAY Nation helps us wrestle with this hopelessness and replace it with love and truth. WAY Nation is a place to learn, laugh, be challenged, and be encouraged. The truth of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus will serve as the foundation for all of our interactions. We know that hope doesn’t come from ignoring challenging topics, but from embracing and examining how the Gospel applies to them. WAY Nation equips us with genuine purpose and hope in Jesus. WAY Nation is part of the WAY Media Network. Our mission is to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus through culturally relevant media. Music. Faith. Life.

Comment (41)

  1. I remember him being big about 20 years ago… Jeez… But after watching him play… He might the guy that makes Christian music cool again as is started to fade.

  2. You say "Adrianna I love you very much." And I think #1 Thank you? and then relize that that is his wifes name and he is not talking to me and then #2 Wow. His wifes name is Adrianna. I have never heard of anybody else named Adrianna prounounced like that. I have heard Adriana but never Adrianna said like that so that was pretty cool.

  3. “This Man” chorus was written when Jeremey was 16. Now it makes sense why it was in my favorite film “I Still Believe”! I cry every time I watch it. Thank you Jeremy and Adie for being faithful to share what Jesus has done. As a person with chronic illness, this film wrecked me! Thank you so much!