WAY Nation | – Symphony | Switch (Live + Story Behind the Song)

“Through all of this chaos, you were writing a symphony.” Enjoy as Cassidy and JT from the band Switch play a beautiful acoustic version of “Symphony.”

Stay til the end to hear how the band hopes this song will bring hope to people in dark times.

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About The Author

WAY Nation We live in a world that can leave us feeling angry, anxious, and broken. WAY Nation helps us wrestle with this hopelessness and replace it with love and truth. WAY Nation is a place to learn, laugh, be challenged, and be encouraged. The truth of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus will serve as the foundation for all of our interactions. We know that hope doesn’t come from ignoring challenging topics, but from embracing and examining how the Gospel applies to them. WAY Nation equips us with genuine purpose and hope in Jesus. WAY Nation is part of the WAY Media Network. Our mission is to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus through culturally relevant media. Music. Faith. Life.

Comment (41)

  1. I heard this song on the radio while I was driving.. my English is limited.. but I immediately I recognize good words..

    I heard perfectly "through of this chaos" ..

    So, In 2020 more than never for our generation just Jesus can bring peace!

    I discovered something very special during this crazy time.. and I already know, with Jesus we have peace .. even in a hard hard time!

    So, thank you Jesus my Lord!

  2. WIth Cassidy's beautiful genuine voice and JT's amazing rhythm on guitar while singing, this makes it for an amazing heavenly song! One of my favorites. Great job to JT keeping perfect rhythm for Cassidy. It's not easy to play guitar and sing that part "even in the madness [pause]…there is peace" and stay in rhythm. Playing the guitar chords without singing that part is easy. Awesome job Cassidy and JT!