Worship Vocalist | – The Art of Spontaneous Worship // Excerpts from The Worship Vocalist Live Webinar

I recently taught a live webinar for my Worship Vocalist subscribers about The Art of Spontaneous Worship… what a significant topic! Our churches really need leaders who are skilled not just at our vocal instruments, but also in hearing from and flowing with the Holy Spirit to steward moments in a worship set!

In the webinar, we dive into stuff like:

• The difference between a song leader and a worship leader
• The difference between prophetic and spontaneous worship
• How to lead and ad lib between the lines of songs
• How to lead spontaneous moments between songs
• How to practice these concepts with your worship team

Check out these excerpts from the hour-long teaching, where I give you some tips on finding and filling the spaces in your worship songs!

To watch the entire lesson and download the PDF notes, grab a subscription to [support us] — and get access to all the webinars, tutorials, and in-depth vocal courses!

– Charmaine

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