Worship Vocalist | – Working on "Forever" (Kari Jobe) – Masterclass Moment

Watch as Charmaine coaches a worship leader on singing “Forever” by Kari Jobe. For more of these tips and videos, check out [support us].

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  1. Thank you for following God’s call to create a channel to teach worship vocalists how to use their giftings well! We have a teeny tiny music ministry, and I often feel overwhelmed trying to sing all the girl parts without any help in the how to sing them. Your channel has thrown me a lifeline and helped me to feel more prepared to serve our ministry well. I can’t wait for the “how to” video for this song. It is one that I love but that intimidates me greatly! This has already helped, so I am sure the detailed instruction will help me even more. Thank you, again, for sharing your gift and talent for God’s glory!

  2. Ma'am, would you please do a tutorial on how to sing this song and also on Broken Vessels? Thankyou in advance. God bless you for every little bit of help you have done for worship vocalists all over the world.