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Say Something – by A Great Big World – WorshipMob cover
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About The Author

WorshipMob WorshipMob is excited to be partnering with Adam Carpenter & Watershed Music Group, in all song-writing, publishing, and recording ventures! WorshipMob. We are also pumped to partner with Capitol Christian Music Group’s management and multi-channel network, to work closely with their amazing label, and have the opportunity to join together with the many worship artists they support and promote.

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  1. Worship is that!! Worship.
    Intention is everything. How can you sing something for/towards God that was intended for some other entity!! Darkness and light can't mix… Light always wins…

    "Don't team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness" 2 Corinthians 6:14 (NLT)

  2. Wow! These emotions are so raw & powerful! I really want to send this to a friend who's going thru some really difficult times.  If any1 can send me the exact lyrics for the 2nd 'amended' part of the song, plz do 🙂 

  3. The rewriting you did with this tune was used by the group that won the small vocal ensemble category at the Assembly of God Fine Arts competition just concluded in Columbus, Ohio.  They, along with our group, which based their song on your version of "How Deep The Father's Love For Us" (which came in 6th), show what an impact your style is having on worship in America.  Keep running after God in the way you are doing, because it is having a great impact!

  4. i have a legitimate question as i have been inspired by this work.
    is there copyright infringement in taking pre existing songs and changing parts of the lyrics as this group has done?
    how can one go about doing what they did?

  5. I first heard this song in our church; they played this video along with pictures from little girls who are sold (by their own parents!) to complete strangers as prostitutes. The lady from our church who had seen this (India) was so mad at God and the whole world that she was really wondering how in the world she was going to prepare the songs for the worship the next sunday…….  My husbad and I cried the whole song!!!!! And every time i hear this song i still get goosebumps. Beautifull, those God-blessed voices!!!!!!!

  6. Truly an emotionally & moving song. When you have been in the pit & had to cry out & cry out & cry out with no results for the longest times, you understand the content of the song & those who sang it. Beautifully portrayed & sang. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm not religious but was looking for a version of this song ' from the heart ' as I wanted to hear a song that reflected how i'm feeling and found this song.
    What amazing voices and such passion. Truly touch by this version.

  8. With all due respect I seem to remember hearing this on one of those TV talent shows, so I checked the group out. This isn't a worship song and trying to pass it off as one by changing a few words defies belief. Say Something? makes sense in the original songs context about two lovers breaking up, but  no sense in this context. You want God to say something READ YOUR BIBLE.

  9. Even though I fell from the church at a young age there is something to be said about these people who genuinely believe. The passion they exert into the music is real no matter who they’re singing to, it’s chillingly beautiful. At 3:20 her facial expression says it all. She’s not just singing, she’s pleading. From a musician/singers standpoint the ultimate goal is to do just that, express what you’re singing with a genuine passion that captivates your audience and that’s exactly whats happening here. To everyone involved in this interpretation, Bravo my friends.

  10. I love this song, because sometimes we feel like god inst there but in the end he has been with you every step of the way. Like the song says even though we give up on God he Never gives up on us, he sits with his arms wide open ready for us to come back. This song shows how God can take something and change it. Good Job Worship Mob and keep doing what your doing!!!

  11. "Child I will never give up on you." At first I was critical of this song. It's not worship music, it's not really a great message. It's about a breakup where misunderstanding, hurt and pride have won over love and commitment. After listening to it, I love how their version reveals God's heart towards us in the second half of the song. While human love will fail, let us down and will eventually give up on us, God's love never does. He loves you and will never stop pursuing you.

  12. As a minister of emotional healing, I find many of those I try to help are mad at God. ie the first half of this song. Then as they heal they are able to receive the 2nd half of this song. I was floored when I first heard it. I did not even know it was a modern, non worship song…nor do I care. The message is wonderful and true. I play this video at my conferences called Finding Repair… it says so much about ME/US vs GOD. One ready to give up… the other…will NEVER give up on US. Thank you for putting this amazing work together, I personally appreciate it.