Charles Stanley | – A Comforting Message in Fearful Times– Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Stanley pulls from the Word of God to strengthen and encourage us so that we can learn to trust God during these trying times.

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  1. I am a young teen from kenya and i've always been encouraged by your sermon. You have used the blessing God has given you trusting in Him. You inspire me in my call to the ministries that God pleases years to come. INTOUCH i really hope will get to our location by the grace of God.

  2. I can say I am truly grateful God is giving me life this day and I love the man call Jesus Christ teach me all the spirit my father's word from day-to-day from minute to minute from second to second from hour to hour and that my spirit in mine digested mentally physically and spiritually she put it to action thank you Holy Spirit this Thursday morning

  3. Thank you Pastor Stanley for being God's instrument to draw me closer to Him and change my life – "Life Abundant" in Christ. He is in control – always has, always will be. Trust Him. Thank you God, thank you Dr. Stanley for being His faithful servent and steward. I pray for all out there I am praying for you as well – if 2 or more are gathered He is in midst. Ask and it shall be given – I pray for all of you to with God's grace, be known of Him and chosen – and you gain Life Abundant, truth, joy, peace, comfort, overcoming Life! Love and God's blessings to all! Stand firm – TRUST Him!!!! He loves all of us and will never leave or forsake us.