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“Some refer to Jesus as a good person, but that label is far from adequate for the Son of God.

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  1. Note that it is not written "Believe in spite of evidence, believe blindly;" – no, it is written "These are written that ye might believe."
    The evidence is not against the Truth, and Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6).

    Do not fear doubts: seek out answers. When I was younger I started speaking to folks about Jesus and got questions I didn't have answers to – but instead of letting doubt fester, I looked into the matters and found Christ faithful.
    Truth is not opposed to the Truth, and we have nothing to fear. "Study to show yourself approved".

    Some good resources (Youtube channels) – trying looking up at least two of these you've not heard of before, even if it's just a glance:

    -Cross Examined (to the point answers: Q&A style stuff)
    -Living Waters (evangelizing: also full movies tackling tough subjects)
    -Whaddo You Meme?? (Responses to political hot topics, as well as responses to atheist slogans, such as 'Slavery in the Bible, therefore God is evil' and the like)
    -Trinity Radio (response livestreams: 'the channel that loves atheists')

    -Mike Winger (Q&A and careful looking at the Bible)
    -The BEAT by Allen Parr (Christ-honoring living)
    -Alisa Childers (Answers to difficult questions)

    -Testify (Well-researched shortform responses to more serious objections)
    -Capturing Christianity (interviews and livestreams tackling philosophical subjects)
    -Deflate (Direct engagement with important ideas and claims)

    -Acts17Apologetics (To the point apologetics, especially in regards to answering Islam)
    -Red Pen Logic (answering slogans critically)
    -Off The Kirb Ministries (Exhortation)

    I've a long way to go, but Jesus is worthy.

  2. If u dont believe u just dont believe God said to get to me or to heaven you have to go through Jesus Jesus could have showed everyone great power but he followed God's instructions to the very end so everyone could see he was sent to be our savior in order for us to be wiped clean of all sin otherwise we x
    Could not go to heaven where it tells us you can not go if you are sinful oh r dirty . Oh but say an alien traveled here n we run out and want to worship another world or. That show that our ancestors worshiped aliens from another world no even the aliens could not understand whete our slirits go when we die because it does not say Jesus died so aliens could go to heaven it says so humans can go to heaven Jesus is real I feel the spirit God gave me at birth everyday

  3. As C.S. Lewis said, Jesus did not leave the door open to being uniquely moral. He’s either God or the biggest liar and hypocrite that ever existed. I know who I’ve trusted. Let every man be a liar, and let God be the eternal truth.

  4. Could someone please pray for me today and in the days to come? I have been accused of something so heinous and horrible from an in-law without any basis. I would just let it roll off my shoulders but it affects another more precious relationship. I just don't see how we are going to get through this. I am just devastated and in total utter shock. I have been treated badly in the past by this person but This one really caught me off guard. I just can't get it out of my mind. I don't know what I ever did to this person to deserve something so horrible.