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John 12:24 “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” I give myself away so that You can use me. Amen

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  1. I'm blessed everytime before studying and sleeping by listening your melodies covers. But pleasey brother in law, can we hear may be "blessed are you" of paul wilbur? Stay blessed and let our Almighty God guide you again in thia worshiper service

  2. here I am Lord have your way in me and  use me and guide me  home to you Lord and my strength is failing Lord  and I cant not go  another step  longer with out your Holy  Spirit leading me – oh my  Lord have your way in me –  and use me and show me all your ways – so I can follow you truly of all my last days – I want to gloryfiy your holy name in all that I do – because I know you are for ever worthy and true – and I know your Love never fails – so Lord here I am and placing my life in palms of your hands Lord – so I pray for your strength and grace and mercy to keep going all the way to the promise land – in Jesus mighty name -I pray that you have your way in me Lord help me to stand firm in you and don't let me never fall away from your truth – because you are all ways worthy to me – and I want to be worthy to you thank you for loving me like no other can do – that why I  worship you in  your of truth in Jesus holy name – I love you to.

  3. Yes. this came right when I need it the most. God knows what to send & when to send it your life. Yes, I need this reminder that I need to keep myself at his thrown. A lot to be work on in me. I need to hold nothing back just to give it all up ubro him. His plans, His will. Even when I mess up. He has it all even things that I need to have work out of me. Things from the past I never dealt with. Things that I need to face. Healing that needs to take place. The Power of God. i Realized that when I turthly give to Him. Withholding nothing, & give it all I can get what I need when I real trust that He is who said He is I AM THAT I AM! Then things will happen.

  4. Hi I'm not sure if u will even read this comment… however, I wanted to Thank u for ur testimony. I'm a singer and have had those exact thoughts about my gift. I'm sitting here in tears because I have a bit more hope to share my gift after seeing how God uses u. I have been in a dark place and I sing to ur instrumental and it gives me so much strength to keep moving! Thank u soo much!

  5. Good day Sir Dappy T Keys, im planning to make some short of devotional content and asking for your favor, if you would let me use your intrumental as cover music of my devotional Bible Study that will be uploaded here at youtube. There will be an acknowledgement of you in the description whenever I use your instrumentals. All for the glory of God.