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Bible teaching by Derek Prince. Biblical worship is directed by the spirit, flows through the soul, and is expressed by the whole body—from head to feet.

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. I Love the Word of God and had been especially blessed to hear it so clearly taught by Derek Prince, such a faithful man, both he and Ruth with the Word of God. I have listened to him for many years, even before he went home to Heaven.
    a trusted faithful man with God's truth. Keeps us on the straight and narrow. Draws us much closer to the Lord through his teaching.

  2. I love to listen to Derek Prince's Preaching/Teaching. Because of his own personal relationship with God, Derek has the ability to help us understand and really perceive the Awesomeness, and Holiness, and Righteousness of the Lord. So that we do not treat the Lord with contempt or disrespect. Yes we can draw near to him through the Blood of Jesus, come right into his Presence. Remembering that God is indeed Holy and Righteous. I always thank the Father for Derek and the blessing we all have to hear such excellent God Breathed Teaching.

  3. In regards to Barrabas, in the day of atonement there are two goats, one is sacrificed (Jesus ), the other goes free to the wilderness to die (Barrabas) or as the jews say "to Hell". Jesus died and he went into eternal life, Barrabas went free to eventually die in Hell. We are conformed to Jesus as Christians, we are not Barrabas, we are the thief that crucified with Jesus believed in Him and went to heaven. To say we as christians are Barrabas is as say we are the bad thief, we are not. We have to bear our cross and follow and believe in Jesus to get to heaven, none of which Barrabas ever did.

  4. How true! One period in my life disturbing thoughts entered my head endlessly, driving me insane. In desperation I sprawled on my face during prayers one day. The disturbance stopped after that. Praise the LORD for His mercy endures forever!

  5. Leviticus has always been worship. We love YHVH when we keep HIS commandments, precepts, statutes, laws – just as Yeshua HaMaschiach says. Leviticus gives us both such beautiful revelations of Yeshua as well as shows us the precepts, statutes, commands that YHVH bestows us unto life. And it is worship.
    Yes, only unto YHVH The LORD.
    These are still wise exhortations unto us.
    Thank YOU, YHVH!