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  1. Amen Brother. I have firearms and pray I'll never have to use them but I'm a strong 2nd amend. Supporter and I'm not going to be a victim. But the sword of God, the Bible is the best weapon with several uses in a spiritual and every day life.

  2. I agree with all pastor Locke said but I'm even going to add. This I also believe in capital punishment yes forgive others but I do believe in it. And what men would we be if we don't protect our church, family, friends, the weak, women, children. The only reason the government and others don't want us to have guns is if (they know we have no weapons we're easy prey to them) to come in and do whatever.

  3. Remember when everyone was arguing about what kind of car Jesus would drive, and some folks said it would be an energy-efficient hybrid and other folks said it would be a (supposedly) safe SUV? Well, I was wondering what kind of gun Jesus would own. What do you think? Would it be a 9mm Glock or maybe a KSC Beretta 93R? Neither one, I say. He won’t need a sidearm for personal protection because I think God will be looking out for him a little better this next time around. No, I think he would instead shop for a good gun for playing paintball. So would it be the Splatmaster Rapide or perhaps the budget-minded Daisy Eagle.68? I can just see him coming back from a round of paintball, his robes splattered with paint, and a glorious grin on his face. I sure hope he remembers to wear protective goggles though. It wouldn’t look good to see Jesus rushed off to the mergency room with eye damage, and imagine him having to wear an eye patch after that. Safety first, I say.

  4. Jesus Christ is my Lord savior but help me out with this then my question is live by the sword die by the sword he who will try to save his life will lose it?? Help me understand that thank you very much appreciate your time….God bless

  5. You didn't finish the verses you were using as examples; therefore, using them out of context. And who do you/we think we are to say " oh God said in Revelations that he's coming with a sword and they'll be bloodshed…" So that puts you on God's level and makes it ok? Who do you think you are? You either trust your Lord Jesus as your protector and decision maker of your last day or you don't. Period.

  6. So what do you say to someone that says “well if a cop comes knocking on your door and demand the guns you have, do you comply or do you fight till the death?” Because that’s my struggle right now is would Jesus fight back or would he say something super wise and it would all be resolved. I guess I’m just saying what would Jesus do?

  7. I see a lot of videos people predicting the rapture within a few months it's not happening then we have 10 years or less, we have 5 years or less to have the mountains of the Lord's House up and running a lot of stuff is going to happen during that time but after that time is the time they will be coming and killing Christians here in America, everyone will know who that Christ is by then,,,, he will announce himself within 6 years,, so time is wasting like I said before we got until Trump is out of office so basically the time frame is within now and his second term is up , to be prepared and one church one house , as it is written in the holy Bible, the mountains of the Lord's House Shall be established in the end of days ,, and no I do not know when Christ is coming I just know about this information because the Lord told me so

  8. Matthew 5:39

    But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil:
    but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    Luke 6:29
    And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.