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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. Good message. I was really hoping to see you obey the law after proving your point and actually heeding the alarm warning. But by saying it takes 10 times then the alarm stops kinda makes your message a moot point, don't ya think? I mean, isn't it a bit hypocritical to teach a message about stop ignoring the signs, and then tell us you're ignoring the signs?? Missed opportunity, for sure.

  2. Good job Pastor Greg. Such a great role model to show tricks of how to drive without a seat belt. Wonder how many 16yr.olds watching this now think it's cool to drive without a seatbelt . Nice Greg. And doing this just to prove a point 🙁

  3. He has given me messages over and over, I've ignored. The ventures I speak of all turned out bad. I look back and remember every obstacle that came in my way, even asked myself, is God telling me not to do this? He was.

  4. Pastor Lock Hi and thank you for your videos. l listen in car or when l need truthful word of Christ. Can you please pray for me. l struggle with my walk with Christ sometimes and even find myself falling into a depression. l try to hide it from my husband and others because l do not want to burden them. Not saying l want to burden you. But if you could say a pray for me l would be grateful thank you

  5. If I wanted my seatbelt on, I would put the damn thing on. It is not complicated. I will not be a slave to the manufacturer that decided to aggravate the hell out of me if I don't do what they want. It is my car. I will not let a car tell me what to do. If I was buying a new car, I would get all the paperwork written up and just before I signed, I would tell the salesman that I want that damn bell disabled before I sign my name to it.

  6. Hey Greg, the law requires you to wear your seat belt. Is there not a passage where God says something about obeying the laws of the land?
    I guess you're immune to the laws of man and god.
    You're still an awful, horrible, disgusting, human being Greg.

  7. And how do you know that it was God? Maybe it was the flying spaguetti monster sending us a message? And seriusly, if your god needs to murder and ruin the lives of thousands just to send a message, then he's is either stupid or malevolant.

  8. Another video, another $10 donation to Planned Parenthood. As always, thank you for supporting women's rights with your YouTube platform, Pastor!

    Total 2017 donations on behalf of Pastor Locke's YouTube channel: $320

  9. LOL– his desperate search for something to say never goes beyond whatever mundane thing he sees in front of him. One wonders at the message that NOT PUTTING ON YOUR SEATBELT sends? The guy is an idiot and his messages are so facile that their only purpose is entertainment.