Lex Meyer | – Biblical Horticulture by Greg Stuart

Sermon by Greg Stuart at the Grafted Church
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  1. received from these 2 guys!
    2 seeds in beginning! Adam brought forth 2 seeds
    Cain & Abel both male & female -twines! &
    Seth given as a replacement seed!
    took Abeles sister raised up a Seed 1st born for 7 generations!
    7 preachers of righteousness! died before flood!
    the children born on Mt. came down among daughters of men -Cain's!
    Noah & 3 sons came down also 8th preacher of righteousness!
    taking wives whom pleased them! mixture! combining 2 seeds!
    made monsters! just like Ham uncovering fathers nakedness!
    slept w/his father wife! birthed cursed children
    -giants built promise land before destroyed
    that's why Christ took woman from 2 chosen faithful tribes -Mary
    overshadowed her brought forth Christ new man from heaven
    Seed of righteousness! we are of that tree of righteousness by faith!
    those that raise up right keeping His Way under His authority!
    are made those light bearers! Light shins thru them
    -head in clouds w/saints in Word Moses to Elias!
    when we know Word of God w/understanding we can lead!

  2. How different is your church's beliefs than the Seventh Day Adventists? I don't know much about them, but trying desperately to find a group of like-minded believers where I live is getting discouraging. Even harder now that I agreed to lead worship in my church 2 years ago and the more I study the Bible for myself, the more problems I'm having going to the Baptist church I grew up in and now work at. I'm praying for a way out that isn't dramatic and embarrassing but He hasn't sent one yet. I am searching other churches for one as close as I can find to what I now know is right.