Lex Meyer | – What Nicodemus learns from Yeshua

Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin, one of the elders and leaders of Israel. Yeshua refers to him as a “teacher of Israel”, so what does this man come to Yeshua to learn?

Sermon by Lex Meyer at the Grafted Church
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  1. Such a great service! Thank you for making this available to all of us in internet land 😉
    Praise Yah!
    You really are blessed sir. You and the whole congregation.
    I'd like to say a special thank you to everyone behind the scenes making these livestreams for all of us to see. You are appreciated!

  2. Our Abba is so good.  Abraham's bosom/Lazaru/Eliazar: topic that keeps coming up.  Thank you for a completely different perspective on it that actually makes sense with the rest of Scripture and the NC teachings of Messiah, Paul, etc.  I now have something to go back and study and compare to what I've previously found and heard. Yah bless you!

  3. More Lex, we want more… So the software is taken to Sheol and preserved until we get a new much better hardware like Yahshua? Because I do believe something in us goes to Sheol where we wait for Lord Yahshua to return. Is that right Pastor Lex?

  4. Thank you I really Like your message what you say touches right to the heart Im happy & I feel as though the lord lead me to your sight for im a toddler in my walk with Christ or should I say found my way back long story short I was raised Catholic then Pentecostal as a young child. As a teenager & 20-30s I left had horrible experience with church goers as a kid but I belive Gods hand never left me I should be dead. So much im learning & understanding & hungry & eager for more of Jesus word. I was wondering if you could do something on scripture of Mark 3:26-30 blasphamy against Holy Spirit? I struggle & I know what I need to do certain things need to go in my life. Im learning & the conviction touches me, im so afraid maybe in my messed up years I not only denied Christ refused to belive he died for me told people he was just a great man a profit. I now know better. So im frightened I offended the Holy Spirit. 1 thing for sure though even in my pagan walk I could never make myself belive there was no creator God. The old Testament stories stuck hard with me. You see Witches & most pagan beliefs don't believe in a heaven hell God or Satan just energy & good vibes bad vibes.ect ect I always belived in God & I saw alot of works commited by Satans crownies. I read the bible I pray & im learning now, just trying to find a church but I run after a few sermons most dont preach what Jesus says or they twist it or water it down so trying to find people of like mind someone that goes by his words is tough today. Im so Thankful for Gods word for his mercy & for Jesus love patience im a sinful person I dont deserve his forgivness but im gonna try anyway I love him & he is our savior I do belive this any way Thank you. You just hit home & my heart feels your words I do like your unlearn channel as well im mind blown.

  5. Yes! Awesome! You have many out here on the internet- real brothers and sisters who love you guys there and pray for you! I wish there was a medium where we could fellowship with you there. Some of us truly have no one in our area to fellowship with. Out here in rural Japan it's lonely at times!

  6. Loved your sermon, but let me ask you. In Rev. the tree is the tree of healing it doesn't say its the tree of life: the water is the water of life. Can you elaborate>

  7. A good Sermon. Yes Jesus does have a different body, but he is YHWH. Did he enter a locked room because he is YHWH OR because he had a different body. We are going to become like him but not be him.

  8. Lex, would it be easier to say that when Yeshua says we must be born of water and the spirit, to understand that of to separate events; emphasizing the AND? First born again by baptism AND then secondly by the resurrection. Since all will be resurrected saved or not, only those who were born again first by water and then the resurrection will enter the kingdom of God.

  9. You say "the dead wait in their graves for the resurrection". Okay. Maybe so. And I'm leaning in your direction. But how is it that Moses appeared unto them and talked (Matthew 17:3) if he was in the grave? My Bible says Moses appeared–not the spirit of Moses, not an apparition of Moses, not a vision of Moses, but Moses himself. Was Moses waiting in his grave for the resurrection like you say or was he on the mount like the Bible says? And why did Paul want to depart his life and "to be with Christ" (Philippians 1:23) if he was not really going to be with Christ at all but only going to wait in a cold grave for centuries? Jesus says that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are alive (Mark 12:26-27), not waiting in their graves like you say. I Thessalonians 3:13 says that Jesus will come "with all his saints". If they are coming WITH Jesus, they don't seem to be waiting in their graves.

  10. You speak the truth, brother !
    The dead know nothing. A biblical soul is material and mortal. Nothing leaves the human body at death except the impersonal, unconscious breath of life given by the Creator. Biological incorruption (immortality) has to be inherited through the Gospel of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.