Matt Sorger | – Wedding Highlight Video of Matt & Stephanie Sorger

For all of our friends and for the partners of MSM, Stephanie and I would love to share the special day of our wedding with you. We hope you enjoy this special presentation of our wedding highlights. Praying God’s blessing on you today. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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Comment (37)

  1. Thank you so much Matt for sharing. I'm about to be 26 years old and I have not found my significant other yet. But your message about marriage called does God to use your spouse gave me such encouragement. Watching this video has made me realize that I must continue to wait on the Lord and he will one day give me a beautiful god-fearing woman who will help me in my mission in life. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Matt and Stephanie., Thank you so much for allowing us all to see this special moment in your life. Im so blessed to have watched it. I have been praying for you Matt then both you and Stephanie since I learned about you relationship then engagement. Im so happy for you both and pray for God's abundant blessing upon your life together. I love you both. Your sis in Christ. .. Clairebear.

  3. I've been watching your videos on and off from my first years of being born again in Christ. I am very happy that God has sent your way a spouse. I can't conceive why you said that you will 'adore' your wife as Luke 4:8 tells us to ONLY ADORE GOD. I am married and I feel blessed having a wonderful christian husband and dad to our children but I will not worship him.

  4. Very happy to see that both are together again one in Christ. From now on as both walk together one in Christ continue to serve God's ministry as He has plan for both. Happy married life.
    God bless you guys!!!
    Peace to one and all