Ray Comfort | – Ex-Abortion Doctor Tells The SHOCKING Truth About Abortion

A doctor who used to perform abortions, Dr. Levatino, testifies in court about the SHOCKING truth about abortions. Watch our BRAND-NEW pro-life film here: [support us]

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  1. This was the most powerful discussion I've heard and so long of the actual procedures of an abortion a late stage abortion. I do not know how the doctor could perform over 1200 of these before his brain checked in by God.

  2. is sad and very much a true statement man can remain and image of God or turn in to a monster a disfigured image just like the devil and that's because we negate the essence of what's true for a lie ,this is an example of why there can ever be a country ,party rule by the wit of their on intelligence with out the help of God

  3. God bless the man speaking who stopped aborting innocent babies. And I will say this to satan himself as a believer "Every time an innocent being is taken. THEY'RE LIFE IS TAKEN! Heaven just gained either a son or a daughter IN. THE. NAME. OF. THE. LORD."!!!

  4. I wonder why pro choice decide to keep on living. Would they have rather died in the womb stripped away from their mother if their mother felt like it was too difficult? There are many people and organizations and programs that can help single moms. But a lot of females forgot what it’s like to pursue hard work. Some will say I couldn’t achieve my goals, well that would make you selfish for indulging in sex and having the child killed so you can pursue your dreams peacefully. Without sweat. While you party on Friday Saturday or Sunday have a drink. Those children should have switched spots with pro choicers. This pro choice has one thing in common with another type of group or groups. Atheism or some idea of self centered spirituality. Ask yourselves the questions that can’t be answered based on what humans know. Don’t avoid it and rely on your hyperlized sense of freedom to make whatever choice you want.

  5. How can someone argue with that? We either open our eyes and face the facts that these are fully human lives or go on like the Germans in the neighborhoods near the Nazi Death Camps, saying, "I never knew!"
    What is YOUR choice?