Ray Comfort | – She Laughs at First…Then the Preacher Says This

Ray Comfort preaches the gospel to Jessica. She laughs at first, but then something makes her stop laughing.

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  1. No human goes to hell, we either go to heaven if we are obedient or we go to the new earth as compensation for the trials of this imperfect earth. Hell exists, but it is only for the fallen angels and their offspring the nephilim. The nephilim are still here, hiding among us – but we shall learn how to see them and then we shall kill them all, then, only then, will Jesus return to judge us. This is Enoch's prophesy.

  2. Christians need to learn the original language and stop the misconception that Creation was done in six 24 hour days. Days in Genesis are used as a metaphor for Epochs. With Each having a sunset and a dawn.

  3. Ray Comfort is a Master Witness of the gospel of Christ. Besides his knowledge of the Word of God, Boldness and Compassion for the lost are his greatest attributes for this Holy work. All of us Christians should take heed, seek forgiveness for our apathy and indifference and then pray that our own Spiritual attributes will be activated as we motivate ourselves to fulfill the Great Commission in these closing days.

  4. Another thing you can say to someone who says "that was me then. I've grown, I've matured" is liken it to a person who committed murder 40 years ago but recent DNA evidence links you to the case. Since the murder, you have devoted your whole life to doing good, helping charities and have committed no other crimes. Will the judge excuse the crime? No way! He can't, even if he wanted to. The victims family seeks justice and he has no choice but to uphold the law…. unless we have the blood of Jesus to cover our sins on Judgment Day, God will have no choice but to give us the sentence: Hell for eternity. There will be NOT ONE person in Hell who didn't choose to be there. God gives us a FREE GIFT of eternal life in Heaven with Him thru His sacrifice on the cross. Thank God for His rich mercy that while we were still sinners He died for us. Thank you Jesus!!

  5. I was with you until you said God became a humanbeing. God made a sacrifice by sending His only begotten Son to Earth. His Son was sent to restore our connection to Him not to Jesus. Jesus, God's Son , took on all our sins, past, present and future yes paying our debt. Through Jesus we are forgiven by Our Creator. We have to be mindful of the trinitarian made up Catholicism misinformation. Pray on it. Love your work.

  6. What happened to been renewed? The past shouldn't define who we are, if I was a liar or thief and no longer am. Why should I be judged by my past, God forgives our sins an saying that she is always been a thief even if it she changed is not how God could judge a person, if so no one would be saved

  7. Good for Jessica!! It appeared her heart began to soften as Ray was talking. That’s how it happened for me! The first time I heard the Gospel actually explained I accepted His gift! It’s been more the 25 years & I’ve never regretted it!
    I hope Jessica and her family are believers now!

  8. "I'm a lying thief, blasphemist, adulterer at heart, but on Judgement Day, I'd be innocent." I was like "WHAAAT?" at first, until I heard her explanation – and until I realised that I used to think the same way…

    Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior, Amen