Ray Comfort | – How to Witness to a Jew

In this video, Ray Comfort will show you how to witness to someone who is Jewish.

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Comment (44)

  1. Let's go through just a few of the many flaws with what this guy said:
    1. God definitely does not expect perfection. This is so obvious since it is almost not possible. How can God possibly expect us to do it then.
    2. It says nowhere in the ot that if you lust you have sinned. This is made up by the nt.
    3. The solution to sin is repeated all over the ot. You need to repent. This is how your sins are forgiven. It says nowhere that someone will die for you. Actually Ezekiel 18 is clear that this doesn't work.
    4. The lamb was not at all for sin.
    5. The lamb was an animal that could not have a blemish and was 1 year old. Jesus was not an animal (human sacrifice is an abomination). He had a huge blemish and he was 30.

  2. You people actually believe this stuff? I saw a man judge another man by the standards of an old book written by other men.
    To the faithful, I want you to imagine you are having extreme pain in your chest , you are sweating , and feel nausea. I am now going to offer you two options . I can take you to a modern day hospital? Or I can transport you to the middle of the Roman empire and receive the best medical advise they have , your choice….
    I dont deny that there are some valuable lessons in the bible, but to discount everything we have learned in the intervening time is the height of ignorance.
    Why didnt God just create us without all these flaws and sins? I could never understand why a perfect being created such a substandard entity…man

  3. He mentioned the 10 commandments but which version? Some versions say it's a sin to work on sunday…which is ridiculous! Why don't the jewish need to be born again to get into the afterlife?

  4. Ray Comfort truly has one of the best names out there. It’s seriously so fitting. A ray of comfort is truly what he is. So many people evangelize by bashing the people they want to listen to them. I am learning so much from you Ray!

  5. I had no idea Ray was Jewish; awesome! I’ve learned so much about what Jews think of Christians. They often think Jesus is Italian or Catholic. They often think all Christians deep down at least dislike them or even hate them. They have no idea that the New Testament is written by Jews. I’ve also learned that most Jews have not read Isaiah 53. And no wonder the rabbis don’t read it from the tanakh in synagogue ! It’s clearly talking about Jesus! I love the Jewish people and I hope to see all of them come to know that Jesus is their Messiah. How heartbreaking to be depending on God’s covenants for years only to think He gave up on you at the end. It’s like waiting for your bride or groom on your wedding day and you think they never showed up, but you were the one at the wrong venue!

  6. John 14:6 says that Jesus is the only way.

  7. Ray Comfort, eating prunes, figs, and thumbing plumb. Ray Comfort pinching out a piece of footstool everyday. Ray, you are on a payroll and you are reporting the facts to someone or the sanhedrin. That´s what I believe.

  8. I was deeply moved by your words you said to this man. I wish I could talk like that and make a difference to the Jews, who are deeply entrenched in tradition and socially in their circle would be abandoned by those of their religious order, and made unable to hear about Jesus. Their religious authorities stigmatize those who accept Jesus where they are made to feel like they no longer belong. I think this makes it really hard for Jews to hear about Jesus. I recently met a woman who claims to be Jewish but declares herself an atheist. How do I witness to her without her feeling like I’m preaching to her? I still don’t have an approach where I feel she would listen. Need help.

  9. God bless you Ray
    I’m not sure if I’m born again
    As I’ve never been baptized :/
    But I pray I run into you one day wherever you might be when I’m also there
    Bc I want to be baptized by you and talk with you as I’m a heavy H addict and idk you just bring me joy Bc you bring me closer to God and His word
    Just watched “The Fool” all of it. And wow it was the refresher I needed