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Watch our overview video on the book of Galatians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Galatians, Paul challenges the Galatian Christians to stop allowing controversial Torah observances to divide their church’s congregation.

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  1. Most of the Laws of the Torah have nothing to do with loving people. Many of them are violent and abusive commandments such as genital mutilation of infants (Leviticus 12:3) and stoning of homosexuals (Leviticus 20:13). The God of Tanakh also commands multiple genocides (Exodus 23:23, Deuteronomy 7:1-2, Joshua 10:40, 1 Samuel 15:2-3).

  2. Hello anybody out there I would really appreciate if you could pray for my dear friend Abraham he is blinded by the scarf of lies by the enemy, please pray that he turns to Christ before it’s to late. Thank you. God bless Y’all.

  3. Jesus isn't a "Jewish" savior, but a Savior to all nations.
    Jesus isn't a "white man" savior, but a Savior to all nations.
    Jesus isn't a "black man" savior, but a Savior to all nations.
    Jesus isn't a "Yellow man" savior, but a Savior to all nations.
    Jesus isn't a "Red man" savior, but a Savior to all nations.
    Jesus isn't a "Brown man" savior, but a Savior to all nations.

  4. At the time I gave this a THUMBS UP!! their where 281 THUMBS DOWN. How sad indeed for those people. Thursday August 6th 2020, What a Great and Glorious God I have and serve, in his Son Christ Jesus High and Holy name. Amen }

  5. "'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this virtual application.""'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this video."

  6. This was a beautiful explanation but I believe that it should also be emphasized that Jesus asked us to love God with all our hearts and to love others. God desires us to obey him with our hearts. That was what he created us for. He wanted a people who loved Him and who He could work with and through as partners. He gave mankind the earth to rule over. So though we are not justified by our works He has not removed the BLESSING of being in COVENANT and keeping his Commandments (instructions for long life). Jesus took the curse but the blessings are still ours and we are rewarded for our works. Walking with Him in covenant is when He can work through us and with us to bring his will upon Earth as it is in heaven. As Enoch walked with God & found favor so can we also. I'm learning how being in Covenant with Yahuah blesses me in both my life and in my relationship with my Heavenly Father & Christ Jesus. ♥️ You can also think of it this way…. His Torah is the manual for long and happy life. Just as the land benefits by giving it rest every 7 years whereby it can rejuvenate and restore those vital minerals and nutrients so can we regenerate through keeping the ten commandments of God and especially the fourth commandment. A day each week focused on him and resting in him is a blessing beyond words. The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath. The Torah is ours as a blessing not a curse.

  7. The book of Galatians completely refutes the whole 'Black Hebrew Israelite' ideology that Jesus died for only ethnic Israel, which they believe to be POC. There is a clear answer that the gospel is sent to all the nations– which means Gentiles too. There is no way around it. Therefore, it is only through the power of the Gospel– faith in Christ ALONE– can men be saved.

  8. These overviews on each book I love to listen to just prior to reading each book of the Bible. It makes it so much easier to understand and study when you start off with a great birds eye view. Thank you kindly for your time and work for the Kingdom!

  9. I like the video a lot, I’m just not sure about calling Israel an ethnic group. The connotation may lead to believe that Jews looked a certain way, when the twelve tribes were comprised of people who looked very different one from another (and who are scattered across the earth as we speak). Loved the review. It was a good reinforcer while studying the letter to the Galatians. Thank you. Blessings xx

  10. I think you guys are doing/have done some really good things here. I very much like these videos. I will push back a little regarding your discussion of justification. At 3:28, you say that "people are justified only through trusting in what God did for them through Jesus – not by what they can do for themselves." But that's not what you said a little earlier (and not what Galatians says); at 3:12 you said that "it was Paul's conviction that no-one can be justified by observing the commands of the Torah." These are two very different things statements, with the latter being correct. Paul was quite clear that the obligations set forth in the Torah (avoiding pork, shellfish, etc.) were not efficacious; these are the "works of the law". But that's not to say that other acts might not be efficacious. For example, caring for a sick person from an ostracized group (e.g., the Good Samaritan) at your own peril is Christ-like and can bring one into closer, right-relation with Christ. In this case, works – and not faith alone – can be efficacious (see James 2:24). Of course, Christ's sacrifice is paramount – without it, we are lost. But it seems that we have to cooperate with His plan for building His kingdom in this world (Matthew 6:10).

  11. Excellent teaching! To be sure, the "legalist's" won't like it. They like to think they are faithfully keeping the 11 commandments. (You know, the 10 in Exodus 20 plus Mal. 3:10).
    It's just not enough for them to believe that "Jesus paid it all"!
    Just look at so many of the comments here, mostly arguing about LAW.

    Yes, they always assume that when someone teaches what Paul CLEARLY taught in Galatians (and Romans) that they are just looking for a "license to sin". But actually those who are in Christ Jesus hate sin. Not because of LAW, but because we love Jesus and His Spirit indwells us. We love to please Him and abide in Him because of grace. (John 15)

    The truth is that GRACE has enabled men to turn from sin for centuries while LAW has NEVER done anything but enslave them to it. All you have to do is read the Bible in order to see that.
    Law/Flesh=Death. Grace/Spirit=Life. It's right there in your Bible!
    Not once has anyone but Jesus Christ my Lord EVER come close to "keeping the Law". That's the whole message of the gospel. Maybe that's why salvation is called a "gift"…..
    How unfortunate it is that so many church folks just can't accept this truth.
    Rom. 3:20, 28 Gal. 3:24-25, Gal. 2:16 Col. 2:14

  12. What you teach is rooted in dispensationalism, this is a pretty dangerous "sister" of replacement theology. Faith in Yeshua, is faith in Gods Way (Torah), no faith in His Way, no faith in God.. maybe you've faith in a god, but it's your own (religion). Not the God of the Torah and the Father of Yeshua.
    the covenant was broken, Yeshua restored that and did much more, He made it legitimately possible the Torah would be inscribed in your heart (learning the Way is generally spoken a life long process). In that process is a priority list also mentioned by the apostles (pre condition to be allowed to the community <> these come from leviticus) from that point on probably very personal for each and everyone, but "Moses" (read Torah) was read anyway every Shabbat (to learn/obey). If you follow Yeshua, it means you do the Will of the Father as Yeshua did. If He lives in You, the Torah lives in you (being written). If it is in conflict with the Torah, progress/improvement is needed (Mirror function Paul teaches about). First approx 300 years of early christianity was known for it's Torah observance (zealously). than christianity for several reasons "de-Jewed" / got more and more disconnected with Torah and more and more connected with pagan influences. google for "the error of dispensationalism" or "what's wrong with dispensationalism" for another perspective. Shalom, may Yeshua soon come back to bring His righteous Kingdom.. The will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

  13. Torah is an expression of your faith, not something that can save you but as something that made you realize just how much you need Christ. The Law was not and is not temporary, Christ was referred to as the walking Torah and expressly said that it had not been abolished . His death took away the law of sin and death that was a result of disobeying the Torah, NOT the Torah. Christ followed the Torah and as his followers we should follow his lead in doing so, not because it saves us but because it honors the one that saved us. God crafted the Laws, therefore they are not bad or evil and Christ followed them. People need to read the bible, not through the lens of what they have been taught or by whom did the teaching but by the spirit.

  14. Obadiah 1:18 says Edom,hence Esau,white man will be as stubble off the earth forever..And you gentiles that will be in the kingdom will only be allowed the outer courts and will not come into no contact with "our"God..Your were grafted in only to be servants and handmaid's..So don't get it twisted.. Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 days the people in Israel today are liars..Their not the real Jews…And you heathens know it..

  15. So is this video implying Christopher Columbus and other Christian Europeans were lead by the holy spirit to murder rape and enslave Native Americans? I don’t think thatS what Jesus meant by be lead by the spirit. Is Donald trump also being led by the Holy Spirit? Discernment is needed. Test every spirit. Repent and seek the Way Truth and Life with all your heart mind and soul.

  16. “Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭58:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    While I was reading the Bible, GOD spoke to me and showed me this verse. And HE wants me to warn Christians. About their walk with GOD. Take your walk with GOD seriously, for the spiritual battle is much more of the reality, than this world is. This world is full of demonic and evil doings.

    Read your Bible and meditate on GOD’s words. Study and ask for guidance and protection from the GOD ALMIGHTY! GODBLESS AND SHALOM

  17. Does anyone know why Paul reflects the euro look if he's from the tribe of Benjamin. Shouldn't he have darker skin and bushy hair like the Jamaicans are today? Everyone knows now that these are the true Benjaminites… Can't speak on ethnicity if you are displaying falsehoods as if it's facts.

  18. Recently, I was thinking to keep the Sabbath after hearing a sharing from a messianic channel.
    Then a girlfriend of mine who happened to follow one of the messianic group, encouraged me to keep the dietary law too. She gave me a link to listen n as I listen my heart was extremely troubled n I began not able to enjoy my Quiet Time with the Lors as usual.
    I fell on my knees to pray, n ask for direction. Praying that I receive the peace of heart again.
    Then the Book of Galatians caught my attention! I totally forgotten the content of this book! Law n Faith. Praise the Lord that I later found this link that help me to understand much more. My joy came back. Praise n thank the Lord.

  19. I am currently taking a New Testament class at my University. I will also add that I grew up Lutheran, but have been atheist for the last 4ish years now. I get questions from my family and friends all the time about why I'm taking this class. And to tell you the truth, it's because I don't know a lot about Christianity. Up until now, I really only knew the story of Jesus, to love your neighbor, and have faith in God. That's all. I will also say, that I haven't been reading the NT like I should. I don't always read what's assigned, but I often come to this channel for help. It baffles me that there are hateful Christians all over the world spreading lies about this religion and using it for evil reasons when, just watching these videos, I know that's not what Christianity is about. I came into this class knowing about Jesus (his life and death and some teachings), knowing you should love one another as yourself, and to have faith, and I'm exiting this class with the same outlook on this religion. Because that is the basis of Christianity. It's also about improving yourself. And you see that in this book. It's not enough to love God and Jesus, you have to constantly prune yourself and be the best you can be. It hurts my heart to see how blind these types of Christians are. If they would just read the bible a bit, they'd see the error of their ways.