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Moses delivers his final words of warning and wisdom to the Israelites before they enter the promised land. This is the epic conclusion of the Torah! And, spoiler alert: Moses dies.

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  1. "'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this video."This is a work of fiction and non-fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  2. Fantastic Job Guys!! Amazing efforts put. Surreal experience given. Please keep up the good work. I love you guys and what you do. God’s presence and grace is with you guys and that is evident by the work you guys are doing. God Bless You Team. God Bless The Bible Project. Amen!

  3. So good.Just amazing. But Moses on the mountain so he can see the promised land from afar as he dies is kind of a gruelling heart sore (and an accurate telling). Understand so much about the Torah and those still waiting for The Messiah…

  4. Deuteronomy 28:68 (KJV) And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

  5. The laws were given only to the Israelites, if not the whole world would be suffering the curses! Only the Israelites went into slavery on ships. And were enslaved 1500 years. The Twelve Tribes Of Israel. Cursed In The Cities Slums, Cursed There Baskets Wefare, In need of all things from there enemies!

  6. This is 'Fantastic' work. So much clarity has come to my understanding of the Bible. I love it!! Thank you for All involved. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you all. In the name of his son and our savior..Jesus Christ

  7. Oh people this life is temporary
    And Afterlife is permanent in paradise All fun with no sadness whatsoever
    Oh people obey Allah the Only God who Created you read Quran and Follow the last Messenger Muhammed peace be upon him So you succeed and be happy in life and Enter Paradise After resurrection

  8. Ugh it’s so confusing. I’m doing bible stuff. Please help.

    Like how did they know God was offering water and stuff like that? How does He even tell them?

    And also we’re meant to listen and love and wait on the Lord of course, but I don’t understand how it relates to their story. What were they needing to listen and love for? Of course they sent back to Egypt, they would be spending half their lives walking.

    And why would they have to walk 40+ years to get to the Promised Land?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Stop the lies the book of Deuteronomy are about the real Jew you people lie so much verse 68 they went into Egypt again with ship we know that Egypt means slavery the only people went into slavery with ships was doing the Atlantic slave trade it goes on to say that there when they get off the ship they were sold as bond men and bond women that happen to the blacks

  10. Moses was a prophet and was giving the same message that was given to all the previous prophets. Book of Deuteronomy, Jesus states that you should follow the next prophet after him, which is Prophet Muhammad. This time Allah will put his words in his mouth. The Jews fail to accept Prophet Essa as the Messiah and therefore Allah is going to send the anti christ ( Dajaal) which they will follow him into hellfire.