Charles Dowell | – Men are opting out of marriage

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  1. Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? They are as rare as rubies! Even in ancient times good women were hard to find! Ecclesiastes 1:9 Nothing new under the sun! Most not all women have literally passing up good men for the bad boy and in the end miss out on Mr. right! It is proven that every time a woman sleeps with a man she retains some of his DNA in her body and after sleeping with 2 men it becomes almost impossible to pair bond and be with one man whoever that may be. Just saying!

  2. BTW most net tax payers are men, so when you say Daddy State you mean MEN's Tax money, so in the end they do rely on men, but not directly anymore, completely true there are consequences to socidal changes as big as there have been, but this goin'a come crashin' down when the state goes bankrupt over the many millions they spend on subsidies.
    By the way, contracts are legal and binding except when women sign them and it's a family court.

  3. In CA, it's a community property State. So, the woman gets half. If a man works for a company that has a good retirement plan, she'll get half. That's why I'd rather live with someone (relationship). Children? Yes but I'm man(ning) up. And responsibility!

  4. You are so right in all this. I'm 45 and going to college. out men are feminine and there are not many men in my campus. And the young ladies are so contentious that not even the female professors want to deal with them.

  5. Now days, no one wants a good for nothing bitch who can’t even cook. Lmao women now days just want a mani and pedi, eat out every night of the week, drive a Lexus for free, and complain about everything. I don’t even look at women, they are not even worth me acknowledging their existence.

  6. The only way i EVER get married again is if woman signs prenup stating they are NEVER entitled to alimony and that they promise that they will not have children. Have a kid and the women decides one day to up and leave you are on the hook for years of unreasonable child support (yes the amounts granted to women are unreasonable). I've already done this once…never again.

  7. The best one I’ve heard from him yet. I listen to him because for years, I’ve held these same conclusions. People thought I was crazy. Not in a mental way. But crazy in the sense that these things weren’t true. So, to have social media come along 17 years later with people correctly talking about the things that people are in denial about is welcomed.

  8. thats why i have a white girlfriend …she lets me drive her car and she gave me a cell phone , and i sleep all day on her couch while her white ass is at work ,,, ya her pussy smells like bologna . but its all good black mans woorld

  9. I stopped believing in the lie called marriage!!! I refuse to be raped in family and divorce court!!! Keep away from marriage and never move in with her or move in with her !!! Have No babys !!! Do this for 20 years and protest marriage laws!!!

  10. After watching 2 and a half Men , there is some truth to that show. Alan always try's to do the right thing and ends up screwed every-time. Both times on his marriages , his girl friends that cheat on him. His personality doesn't help where women are concerned he could't make it with a prostitute. How many Men are like Alan today? charlie seems to understand women and dogged the Bullet till Rose caught him. Then she put him in her dungeon after he cheated on her. Still a funny show,

  11. This is terrible the men feel women are out to use them. Women feel men are out to use them. Prayer is much needed. I remember when I was an angry cry baby because the world was not going "my" way and I was not getting the "grand treatment I deserved." Then, I grew up and realized, I picked my husband and I love him. My acceptance of him and who he is and acceptance of my role has made my life much easier. There are just some things we, male and female, have to learn to accept; and our proper roles in marriage is one of them. Marriage takes a whole lot of sacrifice.