Derek Prince | – I Will Shake All Things – Part 1: The Nations – Derek Prince

Has the predicted final shaking of all things already begun? If so, you need to know how you can come through victoriously.

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. There it is the judgment of the world, he is shaking the world but also the church. We as Christians are the church. Repent because we allowed Sin to go without stand up for innocent and have been complacent in our Christian walk, we have been asleep and he is shaking us all awake.

  2. Starting around 59:30 Derek starts talking about carnality and how we are not of this world. The spirit of fear is certainly at work in the world during these times of this covid-19. We are all left with lies and uncertainty about what is happening. That's why I love listening to these videos. They're always applicable. Pray always and tell everyone how much God loves them.

  3. The USA is going down alright. It’s going to be unrecognizable when God/Jesus gets done with her. USA is so evil wicked. You have to be out of the matrix to realize what she has done for decades. And Rome/Vatican and all Scarlet and purple churches. Jesus says COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE. And all heathens who think they are saved. Rapture is imminent/judgement day. A cataclysmic catastrophe scorched earth any day now. A huge fireball coming down and we go up. Maybe an eclipse is going to happen as the stars align. Can’t wait. I am going home to be with Jesus.

  4. As a Christian i still struggle with this one question: God chose some people to be called His children and He promised great things to them, but not all hear the Gospel and not all repent and not all come to a place in their life where they feel like seeking Him. It's really like some He chose for Himself and some He didn't. If it is really so then all is really unclear to me

  5. I believe in the Judgment of GOD against evil and wicked Jealousy in men and women who serve a coward who has lied to them and they believe it because they either feel unworthy, old or just plain separated from GOD! ALL IN VIOLATION OF PRIVACY AND JEALOUSY BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHO TRULY LOVES AND LOVES LOVE YET THEY HAVE NEITHER IN THEM THAT IS WHY THEY PLAY THEIR GAMES AROUND ME THAT WILL END UP COSTING THEIR LIVES BY THE POWER OF GOD!

  6. He referenced 1990 as “two and a half years ago.” Ruth died in 1998, and she is present here, so it’s really interesting to note that this message was brought well before the events of September 11, 2001.

  7. Much of the body has married herself to the world, she is in a stupor drunk on the wine of the world.. stupor is a lack of critical mental function and a level of consciousness wherein an affected person is almost entirely unresponsive and only responds to intense stimuli such as pain says the Lord.

  8. Holy Spirit, make me aware of the pride in my heart. Also help me to reject prideful actions so that they will not cleave to me. Forgive me for being indifferent to those because they seem to hate me.

    I love this man (as a brother in Christ)!

  9. Lord, thank you for using this man to speak to us. His denying His self to serve you. His devotion, and obedience is one that moves me. Derek aimed for Simplicity even though he could have been a professor at the most Prestigious University. His aim was always to make the Truth heard and understood.
    What a beautiful testimony of a man saying Yes to God. May we all say, "Yes" to all that God calls us to. I praise the Lord for Derek Prince and David Wilkerson. Used both in mighty ways and are available to our ears, still today. Glory to God

  10. Watching it again in 2021 Jan 6. Who else?
    The nation is indeed being shaken now….
    Watching it again in 2021 Jan 6. Who else?
    The nation is indeed being shaken now….

    He said that there is NO WAY that the United States can escape bankruptcy, and the whole nation is going to be shaken.
    Business can be shaken…
    Government can be shaken….
    Religious institutions can be shaken …..
    The heavenly bodies will be shaken….
    @ -27.38 talking about the US economy prediction