Ernie Lassman | – The Rapture and the Millennium Part 1

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 15 – More Last Things
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. @im4u2bs2 Why is that you keep trying to send your point but yet cannot back it up w/ any proof? Intercessory prayer is a just practice that transends earthy bounds.

    Proof of your lies:

    James 5:16 – Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

    Praise God for those who have achieved the ulitmate righteous person can pray to God the Father through the Son Jesus Christ.

  2. @im4u2bs2 Well if someone worships pagans then no they are not right w/ God. I cant say I know of anyone who has ever worshipped a pagan. Shows how mixed up you are. Salvation is by the Grace of God, through faith working in love channeled through His church est on earth on the rock of Peter. The church led by the Holy Spirit that is one, holy, catholic, & apostolic. Not a segmented member like what you belong to.
    John 17:21 – Jesus prays that His church all be one. The bride of Christ is one.

  3. @im4u2bs2 Correct, its not about being a part of an institution, its about belonging to the divine Body of Christ. What does Christ call us to do as a member of His one, true, & visible body?
    Answer – John 6:53-54
    So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man & drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever feeds on my flesh & drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.
    Do you partake in the divine meal?

  4. @im4u2bs2 Are you trying to tell Catholics about the proper translation of scripture? Its clear you dont even understand the history of how the bible was bound. If you accept the scriptures w/o the deuterocanon books, you accept the same set of scripture that the Jews who REJECTED Christ & the entire NT rejected. It was these Jewsish Council, Jamnia, who rejected these books. You as a protestant who rejects those books & accepts 66 books put yourselves in the same boat as Jews who deny the NT!

  5. @catchzz a lot of this stuff is running in circles again, the only topic I have posted about the last 5 times is "intercessory prayer". God said to worship Him thru prayer, Jesus said to worship the Father THRU the Son (only). any thing else is pagan worship thru prayer to deceased mortal beings. the pope(s) thru time have claimed to be the voice of God and have ok'd this pagan prayer/worship. I dont care who can or cant hear these prayers. God and Jesus told us who to pray to.

  6. @catchzz it is all about God and Jesus……nothing else….no one else…..we pray to the Father thru the Son…..the scripture is clear on this… calling doesnt change the word of God. I pray for you catholics as I pray for all of us.

  7. @im4u2bs2 I really dont think you understand much of anything about the scriptures, & certainly not about Catholics. Review our whole discussion, & you never once answered my questions. Rather you chose to keep repeating the same false concepts over & over. I dont think that shows maturity nor understanding. Remember the Catholic church came first, so the burden of proof is on you. I like proof & if you have none, this conversation is all in vain. You must prove sola scriptura & sola fide.

  8. @im4u2bs2 It is on these 2 concepts your whole faith stands on. Keep in mind the words of Christ. Remember the pillar & foundation of truth is the church. Theres only 1 church & 1 truth. We're called to the Lords Supper to commune, to be in communion w/ the entire body of Christ here on earth & in Heaven. For Christs flesh is true food & blood is true drink. Praise God that He gave us the infallible church to find truth in the way to salvation. I'll pray that you overcome your misunderstandings.

  9. @im4u2bs2 Ive already told you, you've no proof against intercessory prayer. You dont even know what it is. If thats the only topic you focus on, I think you have a problem. Are your beliefs in line w/ the rest of what I presented you? If not, Id go back & study bc youre not following the command of Christ. Review 1 Tim 2:5 – Paul teaches on the good of intercessory prayer. You didnt even know Paul taught this did you? Read Psalms 103. Learn what a pagan is before you misuse the term anymore.

  10. @im4u2bs2 If you call the Holy Mother of our Savior Jesus Christ a pagan, Ill pray deeply for your soul. That is a slam to not only the first Christian, the first to accept the Son, but a slam to Christ Himself who never disrespected His mother. This is one of the Ten Commandments.

    Luke 1:28

    If your only topic you want to discuss is intercessory prayer, than show proof that the Catholic church is wrong, I want to see proof from scripture, if you have none, then dont waste my time.

  11. @catchzz response your 1st paragraph – apostolic institution came 1st, then the catholic institution, then the others over time (AGREED). sola scriptura and the other 4 solas are obviously not of the new testament since they are latin phrases and the new testament is from the greek language (superior) (AGREED). HOWEVER – catholic liturgy does not over-ride the bible, the pope's doctrine does not over ride God and Christ's word.

  12. @im4u2bs2 The apostolic institution IS the catholic institution, rather a divine institution in the sense of it being instituted by Christ. What institution do you go to worship? Can you prove that institution is the one instituted by Christ?

    Thats a huge part of yourself that you havent given up yet. What church do you belong to?

    Where did the true church go then if the church est on Peter had the gates of hell prevail over it? Show me its visibility today.

  13. @catchzz response to your 2nd paragraph – you references 1 tim 3:15 which states "but if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house (G3624-oikos)(temple,dwelling – in the greek) of God, which is the church(G1577-ekklesia) (a religious congregation – in the greek) of the living God. the pillar and ground of the truth. I AGREE – the pillar and foundation of truth IS the church, we are the church – 1 church & 1 truth.

  14. @im4u2bs2 Poor response but good try. Are you telling me all believers who clearly are NOT 1, are a member of the true church? So those that believe in infant baptism are correct & those that dont believe in infant baptism are correct? Those that believe in the real presence are correct & those who believe in symbolic communion are correct? Those churches that believe abortion is ok & those that dont are correct. Where is your logic, there is NO oneness to that. The Holy Spirit is NOT confused.

  15. @catchzz response to 2nd part of 2nd paragraph – Communion is used 4 times in 3 verses in the new testament(1cr10:16, 2cr6:14, 2cr13:14) Communion in the greek is (G2842)(koinonia – partnership or fellowship) – 2cr13:14 states: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ , and the love of God , and the communion (G2842) of the Holy Ghost , [be] with you all. Amen". substitute "fellowship" for "communion" in your statement about "the entire body of Christ".

  16. @im4u2bs2 Where did you look that up to get false information. The word communion is used at least 19 times in the Greek NT. Do I need to use the term Eucharist for you to understand?

    Please, I really believe you want to be a brother in Christ deep down somewhere, but look up the definition of a bigot. You are like a raceist that wants to try so hard to perpetuate lies so that you can further create a characature for you to hate.

    John 6:51

    The caged lion will get you everytime!

  17. @catchzz response to 3rd paragraph – 1Ti 2:5 For[there is] one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. what am I missing, where does this say to pray to any mediator EXCEPT the Christ Jesus, where does paul suggest any other person to pray thru or to ?????…psalms 103 is wonderful to read. says nothing about praying to "mortal intercessors. Any one you pray to or worship other than God IS a pagan god or goddess.

  18. @catchzz I agree the human mother of Gods Son is blessed among other mortal woman, God found favor with her and she is in heaven I am sure. HOWEVER – neither God nor Jesus commanded us to pray to her for "any" reason. our lady of fatima (marian apparition) is not the mary of the bible. I dont know who she is – but it isnt from any scripture I have ever found. mary did not say to pray/worship her. the one worshiping mary is praying to a goddess of his/her own making, (idolatry – right)

  19. @im4u2bs2 You are not listening. I already gave you a verse of Paul teaching intercessory prayer. Its called reading AHEAD look to the verses PRIOR to 1 Tim 2:5! He urges prayers, INTERCESSIONS, etc for ALL. Paul appeals for mediation from others besides Christ. I can pray for u to Jesus to mediate to God the Father, whom Jesus is the ONE mediator. Meaning if He is the ONE mediator, others are subordinate mediators. Intercessory prayer is NOT praying TO, its asking for subsequent prayers to God.

  20. @catchzz You will never find a place in your bible (with more books) where it says to pray to mortals. It says that obviously the saints will hear the prayers in revelation – but the prayers are to God thru his Son. Its your soul. It was mans disobedience to what God said that caused our spiritual death, It wont be mans disobedience to what God recorded in the Scripture which will bring him salvation. man cant save man….in Christs love I say this.

  21. @catchzz download and install e-sword from the internet……….gives the english and the original greek…………very usefull in finding the lost meanings of greek words when translated to our pitiful english language

  22. @im4u2bs2 No Catholic prays TO Mary, they pray THROUGH her to take our prayers (interceed) to Her Son. No Catholic worships Mary, Ive never known anyone to worship Mary. Educate urself so u know the difference btw honor/worship. Your elementary understanding of scripture will not lead you to truth. The Communion of Saints means those who have gone before us are still a member of the 1 body of Christ w/ us. The Body of Christ is ALWAYS aware of its other parts. Mary is part of our spritual body.

  23. @im4u2bs2 Since you use the man-altered bible missing books from the "reformers" you are in no position to tell me, a person who has way more study in this, what is true. The saints hear our prayers, & yes they go through the Son, THAT IS what I have been trying to get through your dense skull! Do you think I have not researched this? Do you pray for anyone else? If you do, shame on you, bc you just disobeyed the logic you are using on me!

  24. @im4u2bs2 I know all about the lost translations & I know about the Greek. Its one of the main reasons Im Catholic. The translation issue is a huge issue & one of the reasons we have so many problems w/ biblical translations. One of the reasons that the bible only concept is not from God for people like you to take & distort to your own destruction. Hence why we have the CHURCH to guide us as SHE is guided by the Holy Spirit protected from error. The CHURCH is the authority that BOUND scripture.

  25. @catchzz dense skull ? all cults claim exclusive revelation from scripture, have their own bibles, twist scriptures, claim to be the only way to salvation………….you quote scripture like 1 tim 2:5 and then take to mean something 180* the other direction……… spite of your mean spirited words I wish you well. once this type of arrogance enters in I can no longer be a part………forever a servant of Christ

  26. @im4u2bs2 Dear friend, theres no arrogance in truth, but you finally made a breakthrough somewhat in the right direction. I dont believe that the cult you belong to is good for your salvation if you cannot be certain of its entire truth. If you telling me I belong to a cult is acceptable for you to do, its acceptable for me to refer to you the same. I didnt take anything in no 180 direction. Paul calls for us to give & call on intercessions! Since you now understand the saints hear our prayers..

  27. @im4u2bs2 why do you believe those gone before us are now disconnected from the rest of the Christian body? Doesnt make sense. Luckily for us Christians, death doesnt separate us. Sure we on earth cannot be in their saintly presence but those prayers carried to the saints like insense interceed on our behalf. I refer you to the following video by someone who was once anticatholic & I encourage you to really listen. Remove whatever basis your cult gives you now. watch?v=V6OwlfNwc9A&feature=relmfu

  28. @im4u2bs2 And always remember, I mean no offense, so please listen closely to the video. If you choose not to listen, I will know you do not have an open heart & an open mind, & I will pray dearly that you someday will open up to the church Christ established His 100% totality of truth. Its a topic I hold very dear, & know how dangerous it is to follow the ideas that reformers introducted into Christianity. Good learning, & God bless….

  29. I am NOT a Roman Catholic …………I am a pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod…………And I DON'T believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture……….I don't know how you could have gotten that idea from watching the video….


  31. Hi… just got this message………..thanks so much for your comments and I pray for you in your new congregation………..If I can be of any help please let me know……………..the Lord be with you! Pastor Lassman

  32. Just for the record, the 1000 year reign of Christ in revelation ( as told by Christ)mentions "1000 years" six times in a paragraph or two, several old testament prophets mention the 1000 year period. I would say that the 1000 year period is real and coming as told.

  33. I think it's very important for Baptists and many other modern Protestants to realize that Martin Luther (and John Calvin) knew nothing about the Rapture. The Rapture was not brought into Protestantism until a minister by the name of John Darby made it up in 1830. It's amazing how many people have bought into the false teaching of the Rapture. (this can be verified by doing a google search)

  34. im Lutheran and the way i was taught was that Salvation is an immediate occurence, and that parts of Revelation is symbolic and parts of it is Prophecy, Christ will take us into heaven after we come before the Judgement seat of Christ, and the final judgement of the wicked is in from of the Father himself or the Great White Throne Judgement where only the wicked will be, to me Revelation is a comforting book

  35. I was born, baptized and raised Lutheran, I did communion and I went through confirmation. I don't mean any disrespect but after studying scripture I am no longer Lutheran and have left the church for another and it was primarily because of amillennialism.