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  1. Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Sharing my testimony is not to glorify any man Truthfully not knowing my name was up there .. Yes everything Stated is true facts … also The Lord raise my dad from the dead who was dead over 3 day Laying hands on him praying in tongues the Lord told me he will live and not die !!! He will perform his word it will not return Void !!!! sharing what was say because as a Unworthy servant believing it is what the Lord wants me to do I'd say nothing to glorify any man we are but dust !!!! this is to let HIS Bride no to let go of the things of this world and put your eyes towards heaven for he is coming NOW !!!

  2. It's so sad to see pastors who once helped me through so much in my walk with God fall prey to this deception. Praying that the Lord jerks their heads around and helps them see the Light.

  3. My biochem professor from college, Dr. Falk, is one of those who signed and promoted on that biologos website. He is a devout evolutionist, cant be trusted. I temember asking him how he reconciles the flood? And he said its just a story showing that God does not tolerate sin. Complete NONSENSE! These are they who follow fairy tales. But why are they now signing a document on a vaccine for covid? Its crazy! Clearly an agenda here. At least we have a list of the false teachers;).

  4. I dropped church grew up Protestant, now I concider myself non protestant, non catholic, but I am a Christian a child of the Most High. I believe the Bible in fullness. Feel since the Catholics killed Protestants and then the wheel turned Protestants killed Catholics, they both lost Christ. And now churches compromise with sin.

  5. Joey Tony God bless you can you pray for me and my family especially for me to keep the strain I keep my eyes up looking for a low price thank you for all your information may God double your life you're a blessing man thank you

  6. Speaking from Australia Jerry. Hold your head high. I can't thank you enough. You're helping so many, regarding finding the truth and a repentant heart. I believe many of God's chosen, have been given tough assignments. Yours is no exception, it has certainly helped me. I've also found Christian Truthers helpful and Parables of the Vine. My background comes from a family fallen from grace and I am losing a number of family members and friends, due to my concerns and valid predictions. Like you, my heart compels me to believe it will be this Feast of Trumpets. I have recently separated from my partner and share a daughter together. It just so happens my fortnightly rostering for my daughter has changed, which now has me with her during the period of the 18th of Sept. I have walked away from the home, signing everything over to my ex. While it wasn't such a tough decision, the pain of walking away from those I love and living in sin, is bittersweet. For many conditioned to sin, their understanding of the righteous virtues fall's way beyond comprehension. If it wasn't for some of these YouTube channel's and of course Christ, I would feel very alone. So God Bless you and your family and all your loved ones. I ask for nothing but pray for Christ's return soon. I feel the evil is so overwhelming and vile, that it needs purging.

  7. Thank u I was thinking millennial reign would be our Sabbath rest , and I think Jesus is our sabbath ,in Heb 3:7-14 and 5:1-11 I think we must stag in faith and keep our robe spotless as I so often hear u say I’m with YOU brother keep preaching the truth I too was a chief of sinners God bless ayaoau

  8. I agree totally. I recently heard a message from a large well known Pastor/Church here in south Texas. The message was very good, the prayer afterwards was wonderful claiming the rights and blessings that Christians have but repentance was left out altogether, honestly that whole congregation should have been lead in repentance then end with that awesome congregational prayer. No one seemed to see the “missing ingredient” if you will. Those two Pastors have way more education than I’ll ever have but no repentance.

  9. Thank you for calling this out, Pastor Jerry. Pastor Robeson, much like Kenneth Copeland has his allegiance with the "Mother Church", which is the Vatican. They are currently in an ecumenical push which is designed to unify all the faiths of the world. To do that, one would have to water down or completely ignore the deity of Jesus Christ; our Lord, Savior and Creator. Anyone involved in this ecumenical movement is NOT a Christian and is NOT with Christ. We all need to wake up to this fact. Great job, Brother.

  10. Anyone see this? "Wuhan Parties while America is being lied to" Wuhan China throws huge party – NO MASKS, NO SOCIAL DISTANCING – while America is being locked down to change the outcome of an election. Search YT: "Wuhan Parties while America is being lied to"

  11. I am the beginning and the end. I am the first and the last. I know the beginning of your life and know how it ends. I made you in my images and I want joy for you I want peace for you. you can not understand my ways you can not control my will. Do not fear and do not worry. I do not want you to live this way. Run to me when time's are hard and seems impossible. I will take care of you. I am the God of possible. JESUS is the way the truth and the life.

    Do not take the Vax it will change your DNA number of the beast I'D 2020 #0202060606

  12. Ps Jerry, thankyou foe standing for the good all believers without compromise to provide proof of all that is going on with Evangelical church leaders compromising with the Gospel. This only proof to us that we are living in the End Times which the Bible warn us about end time Apostacy. It all very clear, believer check your foundation are you standing with Christ the foundation of your faith or just attached to a church denomination…..please check right NOW. Amen

  13. I feel like I've known you all my life Jerry.  I know that's because my spirit is bearing witness to your spirit that we have the same Father and same spirit ( His spirit ) that is in us.  We are brothers in Christ.  I think that is very amazing. Love you brother.

  14. Glad I found your channel. I love the room you film in, your messages (there is a special anointing with you. It has caused me great fear and reverence of the Lord in greater measure). Also loving that cool old retro phone next to you. God bless you and your wife! The Lord Live and Reign forever!!!