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  1. i love this song because we need it even now…because we can`t tell a her from a him and people that are not even saved singing in the choir just living any kinda of way… lord please put the fear back into the people. thanks bishop for putting this site on.

  2. THis is just beautiful anointed singing this was awesome. I love Karen because she just allows God to use her along with the extras that he gave her in her voice. I've never heard no one sing nothing the way Karen sings it. Kim does the same thing. Always adding the originality to any song

  3. I think that this was a nice cover of her big sisters version of this song. She couldn't go anywhere but up because Twinkie set the bar real high on this one. of course Twinkie's version had more feeling, power, anointing, and soul because Karen had fun and played around with it. Twinkie was trying to save a soul on hers.

  4. Why does people try to put Kim Burell no singing self next to Karen. Kim is so worldly and carnal check out her assistant. Karen can run rings around Kim. if it wasn't a shame I would say l despise Kim Burell

  5. First let's recognize the uncanny X-men qualities of K.C.S. ; nothing but intoxication everytime, that snaps your legs and back in submission to the gift. And we can't exclude the sheer perfection of the organist in this select. I was slayed. I was massacred. I made a stank face like none other. He/she brought the sunshine to that rendition. Thanks for preserving/ sharing the awesomeness.

  6. I love Karen but she is doing too much in this video for this song. This is why it's Twinkie and Marvin Winans' (who wrote it and eventually sang it with Twinkie) song. The fact that Karen can sing just as smooth as Twinkie but chose not to in this video is disrespectful as that smoothness is what this song requires.

  7. Being from Detroit and this is at the Great Bailey Catherdral Karen most likely was just sitting in the Audience and was ask to come and sing just a line of something it happens all the time in Detroit that's just how we roll