Julian Lowe | – The Realest Thing Paul Ever Wrote – Julian Lowe (09.11.2016)

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  1. I have no clue who this man is but I wanna say thank you. I have the biggest list of sins, stuff you wouldn't even have a clue about. I have did so much wrong like partying, drugs, drinking, women, fighting, hating my friends and family braking the law. but I have changed some I guess now I'm just victim of sinning in my own mind and if I could even explain would just be portion of what I really can say. its hard and I'm not really a religious man but I know for a fact that there is something else out there I mean come on I have made it this far with the stuff I've done and I'm still here, so that's just proof that there is a higher power working for us I can not say its god or the universe but there is something and I'm asking it right now to free me of this wonder cuz its making me ill