Kirk Cameron | – The Time Is Now

The music video for Warren Barfield’s song “The Time Is Now” (from the Redbird album), which is featured prominently in Unstoppable.

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Unstoppable Movie Unstoppable Movie. Kirk Cameron returns to movie theaters on September 24 for one-night-only with a personal and inspiring journey of faith and hope. UNSTOPPABLE creatively asks and answers the age-old question: Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?

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  1. HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU ATHEISTS but this is a Christian artist and this song is about walking the walk concerning your faith, without fear, as opposed to just going to church and acting like you're a good person. People like yourselves try to shut down Christians everyday. This song is standing against that; it's about refusing to hide your faith.

  2. Love this song, for me as a Christian it means it's time for all Christians to stop being silent and start to roar at the one's who are murdering our children, killing Christians, letting sin run rampant in the streets, schools, churches, society and stop hiding your heads in the sand like ostriches and believing you have no right to speak. God gave us all a voice, even Jesus wasn't silent. He DROVE the merchants out of the temple with whips. He knew they were stealing from the people in their time to worship and sacrifice to God by giving animals that weren't pure and clean, upping the price and the priests were taking a cut of it. Time to rise up for battle Christian brothers and sisters. Speak your voice, pray against the spiritual principalities and wickedness setting itself against us. Not like sheeps to the slaughter.

  3. It's the voice inside of you. You think it's Satan, you convince yourself it is to substantiate your beliefs.

    But maybe one day you'll realize, this song wasn't written into you by any sort of demon or any sort of angel.

    It was written by the side of you that wants to be free from the domination of dogma.

  4. Still love this song. It's so blatantly pro-atheism and anti-religion(ESPECIALLY anti-Christian), and yet it was written by a Christian…The thing starts with him growing up silenced by Christianity, and growing up to call out the bullshit he was indoctrinated into. That's the plot of this song. How did he, or anyone else, miss that?

  5. I see a lot of atheists here and I am just so surprised that so many people are brainwashed. Anyway, this song helps me and a lot of friends of mine when we are atacked just because we are part of the flat theory. And now that I said this, a lot of haters will coment. BTW, for you atheists, why do you belive in the big bang and the evolution? I mean, only life can create life. You can't create something from nothing. So……

  6. Believer turned atheist, who came back to faith through unrelenting questioning here. The irony is actually coming full circle, as the new church of woke and globalist marxist oppression rolls on, this song becomes more true to the original intended meaning with every passing year. The notion that it's the religious who are oppressing, censoring, and silencing dissenters in the modern world was a lie promoted by the propaganda arms of those who actually do so.

  7. Atheists might have "claimed" this song. However, there are some genuine Christians that claim it too. Not that we disagree with atheists, but that we disagree more with those who pretend to be Christian when they are not. That's the point of Barfield's song: authenticity.

    For the Authentic Christian it's worship of Christ above politics or comfort, but in a cruciform lifestyle for Christ.

  8. 2020 and beyond will cure atheists…

    Atheists really take issue with idolatry and lies, religion in general, especially that of jesuit doctrine.

    What they don't know is that the Covenant writings take issue with that too.

    Man's deceptive application and mockery of the Covenant Writings will come back to visit him soon.

    Man will not give an account as to how he responded to religion, but to Life; something everything that has breath is experiencing.

    If you like Life… You can keep it. If not… You can give it back. Life is not interrupted by death. The wages of sin are death; death is earned.

    All religions believe in death, expect it and celebrate it. Atheists too expect death. The world has been marked by it.

    Time is now…

  9. HEY ALL YOU INCUBUS AND SUCCUBUSES GOD is sad for you and your lives so short here in Earth. He's UNSTOPPABLE just like the movie. You can use this song if you like but Everytime you hear it you'll think of God and that's Good because you can't consider what doesn't exist. In the meantime may I suggest you listen to #Highway to Hell. Jesus be with you!

  10. I LOVE that there has been 85 more views since I was here last!!!!! (Even if 15+ are mine 😉 maybe my "anthem" campaign worked. Time will tell. Soon enough the Time WILL be NOW!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!!!

  11. I am sure Warren Barfield had no intention of this song turning into an atheist anthem! He is a Christian who obviously knows that the time has come for Christians to stand up for the truth of the Gospel! It brings to mind Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and in particular verse 7b… a time to keep silence and a time to speak.
    So, all you atheists can write your own anthem. This one belongs to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  12. They know not what they do, Father. We could only weep for them, and pray they come around before it's too late. I personally love them all; but it's obvious many are way too lost in sin for anyone other than the Christ to save them. The cost of sin being their eventual end, eternally, I ever mourn them. I beg of you to give them all more informed paths, so they may realize the importance of The Choice whilst there still exists one. In Christ Jesus' holy name, I pray. Amen