Master’s Seminary | – Lecture 01: The Book of Genesis – Dr. Bill Barrick

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The Master's Seminary The Master's Seminary. These are courses taught at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. - They are taped live during the school year and exist to better educate those who seek to understand and worship the God of the Bible. Joshua Crooch Director for Academic Media The Master's Seminary

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  1. Dr. Barrick said the class could ask questions. I will pose one now. Dr. Barrick said that a prophet receives direct revelation from the Most High and his examples were Adam being told what to do in the garden and then on to Noah knowing which clean animals to take with him in the ark. Noah was also instructed by the Most High, directly, to build the ark. My question is if a prophet receives direct revelation from the Most High (in the Hebrew scriptures we can see 'Thus saith the Lord' and so on) then where is the direct revelation given to Jesus in the New Testament? This is a legitimate question and I would like some understanding. Thank you.

  2. Dr. Barrick brings up an interesting theory at 21:00 that Genesis wasn't even written by Moses, but closer to 5th century BC or 1st century BC. I don't think he really addressed this theory by reminding us of God's work in the revelation of the Law. Or did I misunderstand? How would one respond to this?

  3. What a refreshing presentation of Biblical truth. I am 70 years old, and have taught in adult Sunday School and small groups very similarly the things you have pointed out, except for the Tablet theory, which I have only discovered in the past year.  I have long believed that Noah had brought tablets on the Ark with him, because I raised the same questions you did about Caine and Abel's sacrifice, Abrahams mature relationship with God, and that he kept God's statutes(his chuqqim) and laws.(Torah).  The word "chuqqim" has a meaning to engrave, denoting permanent prescribed rules of conduct. "(NBC 1930:201 )  In other words something indelibly scribed on something like a rock or clay tablet.  I haven't decided completely what to make of the Tablet found at the excavations at Nineveh in Assurbanipal's library, which says,"I, Ashurbanipal, within the palace, understood the wisdom of Nabu [the god of learning]. All the art of writing of every kind.  I made myself the master of them all. I read the cunning tablets of Sumer and the dark Akkadian language
    which is difficult to rightly use; I took my pleasure in reading stones
    inscribed before the flood. The best of the scribal art, such works as none of
    the kings who went before me had ever learnt, remedies from the top of the head
    to the toenails, non-canonical selections, clever teachings, whatever pertains
    to the medical mastery of [the gods] Ninurta and Gala, I wrote on tablets, checked and collated, and deposited within my palace for perusing and reading."
    Anyway, I was so happy to hear someone who appears so informed on the Tablet theory, and appear to hold that view yourself, as I am more and more convinced that it is the proper understanding of these first 11 chapters.  I can't wait to watch the next video.  Thanks so much for your insights.

  4. Dr. Barrick was, granted, the only person who has been able to get Classical Biblical Hebrew through this somewhat thick skull. However to think that taking on the responsibility to teach proper historical context and scientific proofs and archaeological fact one would expect something better than myth and misunderstanding. I am appalled – I am not 'degreed' but I do know enough to make sure I have correctly stated something before I teach it to others.For the sake of humanity – read – read the latest findings from Gobekli Tepi, read Dr. Irving Finkel's translation of the Oldest of the Old Babylonian Flood Tablets in his book, The Ark Before Noah. The devastation to human reasoning has become too much for me to bear and not say something! Please; get out of your medieval mindset and stupor – wake up! you are blind, naked, ignorant and do not know it. My stars! Man walked with dinosaurs? – Dr. Barrick stated as much in his Hebrew Grammar course – I nearly ate my pen! Please awaken from this line of myth – www dot colunga-hernandez dot com – Respectfully submitted for your consideration, Rev. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez.

  5. Google, Night Signs by Aquilla Fleetwood, YouTube! Genesis 1: 14, the stars shall be for signs! Psalms 75: 6 says, that exaltation comes from God out of the north! Please give me your interpretation of….Zayin…Hey…Reysh…Bet…Aleph…Shin…Dalet…Tau…Vav…Chet…Gimel…Tet…! What does this say? Let me know…..

  6. Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
    Genesis 1: 14, the stars shall be for signs!
    Psalms 75: 6, says that exaltation comes from God out of the north!
    Google, Night Signs, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
    The Paleo-Hebrew letters around the north star are…..
    Shin+Dalet+Tau+Vav+Chet+Gimel+Tet……..I think this says…
    "My teaching is in a fiery law (Deut.33: 2) and good (Holy) Festivals."
    Any help on this is appreciated!

  7. About God accommodating man, Jesus addressed that in the law about divorce. Jesus literally said it was written because of their hard hearts. It's very possible that GOD spoke in terms the humans understood at that time.

  8. The most hated prophets of their times , often, turn out to be the most revered ever, when their messages come to fruition, contrarily to what the deceptive comfort of times would want them to say. Noah was out of his mind to his contemporaries until the day they come crying to him for help, which he couldn’t do. Prophet Jeremy would not have to run for his life, after delivering the message of God to them, to avoid being handed over to their enemies, if his message was taken seriously. These two examples and many others, help us to realize that the denial of reality, isn’t new to town. Dating back to centuries, according to the Bible, slavery wasn’t attributed to blacks being at the receiving end of the savagery of slavery, but rather at the opposite end of the spectrum, mainly at the place where civilization begins. Sadly, the institution of slavery is the work of God, punishing any nation worshipping the devils, that he himself created, which no human being can counteract their vicious attacks. While a powerful message showcasing the power of God plays a role to highlight the difference between the creator and the devils, the way to go about it should never have been to put to endanger anyone’s life. That senseless practice of God, to allow his angels to persecute us, as his only way to take care of his trashy creatures of heaven for their misbehavior is nothing but repulsive. Be it Marie and Joseph, walking distance and having to give birth to the presumptive king of kings in a manger, or the poor man, whose heart heart breaks apart, and help Jesus carrying the cross on his way to Calvary, the many millions who accept to die in the most inhuman ways imaginable, or the countless others who are to these days, are languishing under the constant attacks, and cruelty of the so-called fallen angels. To give ourselves a false sense of normalcy, claiming our debt has been paid, and we’re free from the dominance of the devils, simply isn’t true. From the many poor people being asked by the devils to offer them in sacrifice what they don’t have, and often destroy their lives and shred their heart to pieces, by killing their offsprings , attacking their health , forcing them to spend what they do have. Kids they prevent from learning to school, families they pit against each other, neighbors they push to fight against each other, good natured-persons they transform into brutal animals. Don’t tell me, we’re free inside that messy world we exist. We refuse to believe that a responsible God would have allowed such nonsense to occur under his watch, and seemingly retreat in a forgotten corner somewhere. We see kids being manhandled by the devils, wallowing in the dirt of the earth, just like a pig would. We see devil-possessed people climbing trees , and being left on the top of the trees, and incapable of coming down on their own. We heard stories of those devils walking people into burning fire and leave them in there, folks who get sick, and whose medical examination can’t detect their diseases, even when the symptoms indicate what illness that would have been under normal circumstances. Don’t tell me we’re free. We see folks they metamorphose into animals, saddle them and openly called them their horses, those they blow up their brains, and many whose future they mess up. Are they free? Folks who scare to go to bed, fearing they might be attacked while sleeping by the devils, and the list goes on and on. Are they free, indeed? I understand some people have the fortunes to only know about the devils in the Bible, and never have gone through something similar to what Job has experienced, they might think it is all over, sorry, the fight gets nastier as the days prolong. In some places, we could smell the evils in the air, feel compelled to be as close as you can be to God. There comes my problem with God, why granting the devils the privilege of attacking us to hold them accountable for their actions against you, that we have nothing to do with? One the funny stuff is, those devils train a lot of people to do harm to others, force their will upon them, and demand that their children and grandchildren do the same, similarly to what God says in the Ten Commandments. Their refusal to do so, would mean their demise. But to amplify their actions, their buddy Jesus, instruct them that those they traumatize and who fall under their attack, will go to hell alongside of them. That’s the dirty game we first witnessed in the garden of Eden, the persecution of Job, and more. Their nonsense in heaven, should always fall down on us, under some kind of pretense, that we never could get a good explanation for, for they are flat out nonsense. You can’t pretend you send people to slavery for worshipping the devils that you, yourself has created, upon which you’re the only with dominion. If emptying Africa was what you thought was necessary to prevent idolatry, it begs the question, what your devils are doing all over the world where these people were being dispersed? You must have forgotten they don’t travel by boat, airplanes , cars, or donkeys, horses , etc , and descending from heaven to scare them away, and sending their worshippers to slavery, didn’t confine them and they pursued those people and forced them again to do the exact same thing. Why punishing the students, while their teachers are at large? What sense does it make? Furthermore, the expertise of any professional dwells in the quality of their work. What were you thinking, the day you decided to create your trashy creatures of heaven? Do they reflect your character, in any shape or form? Are they incapable of telling right from wrong, that you cannot directly holds them liable for? What’s about God of justice? Sabotaging someone’s life, to concoct a justification to punish your angels for their dirty acts against you, has something to do with justice? You dump too much crap on us, we run out of space and we cannot believe, that we always have to be blamed for getting pooped on, under the nose of our creator. Be man enough to stand up to your crappy angels or devils.

  9. Um, Abel was not the 2nd prophet. That honor went to Eve or Cain. Abel was the 4th human of the Bible, second son of Adam. Either the 3rd of 4th prophet, depending on whether Eve was considered a prophet or not as well.