Paul Enenche | – LORD I DESIRE SOMETHING – Dr Paul Enenche

Service Extract Live from Dunamis Arena, Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
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1. Lord I desire something
That is far beyond what I know
Lord I hunger for something
That is far more than all I know

Lord I’ll know it when I see it
I’ll know it when I feel it
I’ll know it when I touch it
Lord I know that all I need is in Your Hands

2. Lord the world has no answer
For the many questions of life
Lord I’m looking for something
That the world cannot offer me

3. Lord I’ve overstayed where I
Have dwelt for a long time now
Lord please take me to the place
That I have not been before now.

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Dr Pastor Paul Enenche Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. I know there is something I want from God my creator. But I can't fully describe it. My level is beyond this. But my enemies keep feeding me with negative dreams, dreams of backwardness seeing myself back in my former home even though am in abroad. This song pop up on my phone after another concerned dream. I know God is set to fight my battle. I can feel it through the song. I listened to it in one of the services and am super excited is posted here. Thank you mummy and daddy for been a blessing to me and my family.