R.C. Sproul | – What comfort does the doctrine of providence bring to Christians during difficult times?

In perfect wisdom and might, the Lord moves all creatures and events to accomplish His sovereign purpose. From our livestream event Made in the Image of God, John MacArthur expresses the comfort of God’s providence when we face trials of many kinds. Ask your biblical and theological questions live online at [support us]


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  1. Resurrection is a supernatural claim. Resurrection of Osiris & Attis were hoaxes. Does anyone have evidence (not books or scholars' opinions) to prove hoaxer Christian writers didn't make up a Jesus resurrection hoax by making up backdated fake stuff like: empty tomb, eyewitnesses, testimonials, and apostles witnessing a risen Jesus?

  2. These are awesome truths—such amazing ways God works. Reminds me of something Ravi Z. used to say, that: God works through the evil to bring about His purposes rather than in spite of evil, using the cross of Christ as a perfect example. I classify regeneration as a profound miracle and have seen tremendous transformations. I've never witnessed a tangible miracle where God works outside the natural laws or order He has estabilshed in the material world, but neither will I didactically state that God no longer performs miracles on earth. Who am I to say, "God, you're not allowed to work like that any longer?"

  3. John MacArthur is certainly an articulate speaker and a man of some level of belief in Christ governed by conscience, though he’s been made spoil through philosophy; having degrees and no evidence he ever sat down before the Comforter to be taught all things. If the faith of his congregation exceeds a spirit of fear, then more power to them. And if the State has any legal authority over their church then less power to it! I disagree that miracles are somehow less than Providence, miracles are more individualized and dramaticly experienced; and providence may go unnoticed entirely. The biggest issue I have with MacArthur is his habitual use of the h-word (human): There is no such thing as human; especially if he defines human as animal! Human is antichrist rhetoric in support of evolution, which also never existed. If John MacArthur would enjoy an alliance with me, then he'd better define the h-word, and the definition had better not support of antichrist evolution.

  4. Agreed: Providence seems much more "miraculous", once I began to learn what it actually meant, than many of the things I formerly prayed for: such as a "miracle" where God would allow my football team to defeat its arch-rival. Seriously, even healing and other supernatural things make God seem even more glorious to my mind as I behold Him in the context of providence in relation to how He acts in the world. thank you!

  5. note to historians, theologians, conservators of history, archaeologist, etc…
    btw, I appreciate the Latter Day Saints reprinting "The Life and Times of Jesus Christ" by Alfred Edersheim. I would like some assurance/verification that nothing has been altered in Ederheim's original text and that any notations by The Church of Latter-Day Saints, be clearly marked as LDS annotation, and not the original writing of Alfred Edersheim. Edersheim's work is massive and a very detailed study, it's also a work by theologian, like Augustine and his works, that can easily become distorted as most catholic Christians read collections of "sentences of Augustine" and wrote claiming to have read Augustine's books in toto. Today many theologians have made careers writing on a "church-approved" scholarship, that itself might only be derived from Abalards (or who knows) collection od sentences by Augustine)?
    Long story short: Edersheim is too important a witness to the theology, epistemology, methodology, and straight out history of that time to allow any one group or sect do with Edersheim what has been attempted with revisionist

  6. Thanks be to Jesus so so so much, He has shown me instant grand huge miracles big time many times even recently as well as grand amazing providence miracles big time many times all thanks, praise, glory, honour, power and the kingdom be to Him forever and ever, Amen !

  7. I believe that God has preordained the very moment that I will join Him in heaven, and nothing I do here on this earth is going to change that timing. I refuse to live in fear of a virus. God is ruler over the virus and He can protect me, heal me, or bring me home via the virus if that is what He chooses. I will continue to trust HIM.

  8. Yes we have to believe that God is a supernatural God and is the same yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 13:8. Yes God is sovereign and has decided to share His sovereignty with us who are in Christ. We are Christ Jesus body on earth and we are joint heirs and Jesus ambassadors on earth. We can do the same works Jesus did and greater works because we’re Jesus attorney on earth.As the Father sent Jesus out so does Jesus send us out with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead in us Romans 8:11 and John 20:21. Our faith becomes effective by acknowledging every good thing that we have in Christ Jesus. All authority in heaven and on earth and under earth now belongs to Jesus and we’re joint heirs. Tap into the source and be in Christ. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, All blessings in Jesus name

  9. C.S. Lewis said Christ's miracles were all God doing in an instant and without a middle man what he normally does over time. One example he gave was Christ turning water into wine. Normally God does this over time through intermediaries, men pick the graps and crush them,. but the fermentation process is God's work.