Rick Warren | – How God Can Bless a Broken Heart With Pastor Rick Warren

[support us] — Drawing from his own experience of immense grief, Pastor Rick Warren shares how to handle the inevitable losses in your life and describes how God blesses the broken hearted. Discover six different ways that God comforts you and helps you get through grief.

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  2. Please, pray for me.
    I lost my son who was only 36years old. Good health, working as a Houston Police officer, believe in Jesus Christ, no habitats for drinking or smoking, raised in a good Christian environment. His name Mark. Mark worked night shift, after his duty he went for planet fitness for exercise . He collapse and admitted hospital. 2 weeks after 11th February 2020 gone to the Lord. My husband, me crying day and night, asking why Lord, why its me

  3. Please pray for my mother-in-law broken heart. She is a widow with 5 children. She went through Khmer Rough regime and raised those 5 children all alone. She had a lot of pain. She now blows those pains toward every one in the family. She hurts my wife in some ways and the others. We try to take her to the counseling or therapy, but she refused to cooperate, thought that she didn't have any problem. Now I don't know what to do, I don't want her to hurt my wife any more. But I believe that through prayer God will answer this. Thx for reading my text… 🙂 May God bless you all

  4. Thank you for this sermon. I have been heavily grieving the passing of my boyfriend over 8 months now and tonight I was crying so much. God directed me to this video and given me a deeper appreciation for his role in my journey of grief.

  5. Thank you Pastor Rick, through Jesus all things are held together! Amen! A powerful and moving world ! I am learning about the construction of our heavenly (system of God ) I am humbled by the Grace , Mercy and Love of God , I am thankful to the Holy Spirit and have faith that Jesus will overcome the world, we are a vessel and vapour a mist in this world let our community of Christ be in the world but not of the World. Bless all the children of God and let your glorious kingdom come Lord. And bring salvation once more to the whole world amen! God bless you all.

  6. so many half/broken hearted ppl on the planet. wouldnt it make sense if….. oh i dunno….. the lot of these half hearted ppl partnered up and came together and formed a whole heart?

  7. Hello, im please begging that you could all pray for me, the woman who i truly love, the mother of my two daughters, who was with me for 4 years, has broken my heart, all i want is for us to be together but i dont see any way or hope after all we have been through since the split!!! As it stands now I just want to heal and be free from this pain and sorrow and move forward even if it has to be without her. Even though i still want to be with her. Please pray for me because im so close to losing it all. Thank you for listening to me x

  8. My heart broken plz pray for me I love 1 girl she's heat me and shewent .next month she was merry other ones still my heart broken my tears no stoping pls pray for god will help me . god no every thing BT god only help

  9. It may hurt a short time ,but who deserves to be in a one sided relationship,when you can be in love with someone that loves you to. Don't leave your heart in the past , your future husband or wife deserve better.

  10. My boyfriend who supposed to be my husband, after 7 years left me because of another women. Told me that news, pack his stuff and move out of house in one day. I cannot breathe for weeks, also I am completely alone and don't have any human to talk to. My heart is completely broken. Please pray for me, I have no strenght to belive. My mental health is poor, I went out from new age and all occult practices 5 months ago and it was to shocking to me, now this situation broke me!

  11. Prayers please my wife wants divorce. I’m hurting so much, I’m asking god to please heal me and make a change in me, god please give me strength give me guidance what is your plan with me god.

  12. Yes, he opens doors for you to help others then when you need help he's nowhere to be found, only to move you to another place to help or save someone else. If you are resentful or non complicit, you go to hell. God's mercy is for his chosen, the rest of us are exploitable resources.

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  15. The day after my birthday I watched a sermon that absolutely broke me. I had already known that the end times were near, but I was not afraid because I thought I was saved. This sermon gave a simple test to see if you truly love God, and I completely and utterly failed it. I was so heartbroken that immediately I felt a wave of heat and fear washing over me. I prayed a prayer of repentance and asked God to help me love him. A few hours later, I went to shower and cried out to God to help me and felt nothing but sadness. I asked Him why he was not answering me and thought he had abandoned me. I was so dead inside and I did not want to live my life without the Lord. I cry as I write this, knowing that I do not know how to love. I know that the end times are near and I know I will not be raised up with the church. I’m hopeless, what do I do?