Rick Warren | – What is Hope?

An excerpt from Saddleback Church’s Easter 2010 message at Angel Stadium.

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  1. Building churches by their human business model is unbiblical. The seeker sensitive movement is unbiblical. In Paul's time, the most blessed churches were small and poor…But deep in faith.

  2. There is a book written by Tony Tymstra titled: What is possible?…here is a small chapter you might find interesting….the book is on amazon

    A long time ago, there was an Inuit family high up in the

    Arctic. It was a terrible year for hunting, and for months the

    weather was extremely cold. There were very few animals to

    hunt in the area, and so the family decided they would have to

    travel south in search of better hunting grounds. When they

    started their journey south, the walk became long and hard, and

    they had very little food to eat. Their grandmother was very old

    and slowing them down. It was a tradition in those days to

    leave the old folks behind in hopes that the rest of the family

    might survive. So they said their goodbyes and left her standing

    alone on the ice. Later that day, a polar bear saw her and started

    to hunt her down, but she was too slow to escape. As the polar

    bear got close to her, she took off her big fur mitt and put it on

    the end of her narwhal walking stick. She then stood there very

    still and quiet, making no sound or movement. As the polar

    bear got within feet of her, it opened its mouth to bite her, and

    at that very moment, she shoved the mitten down the polar

    bear’s throat choking him. It wasn’t able to breathe, and it died.

    She walked all day and through the night and was able to catch

    up with her family, and she told them what had happened.

    They went back to the polar bear, and it gave them enough food

    to survive until the spring. So you see, there is always hope,

    even in the very last moments of certain death, there is always a

    chance things can get better. There is always hope.