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Watch our overview video on the books of 1-2 Kings, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Kings, David’s son Solomon leads Israel to greatness, only to fail and lead Israel to a civil war and ultimately towards destruction and exile.

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  1. Crazy how the Israelites are always in the cycle this video/Bible spoke of. The rise and falls, the constant persecution and victory.. what blows my mind is that the recent example I can think of happened during Hitler's reign of terror.

    Correct me if I'm connecting two wrong dots. It's just something I thought of while watching.

    God bless you for your effort and love driven passion.

  2. Around the mark 1:35 mark, you mention Solomon was not off to a great start when his father David tells him to murder his enemies. However, I’m not sure we should look at those assasinations as a “bad” thing necessarily. Those 3 men had blatantly broken God’s law by opposing King David (Shimei had cursed David; Joab had murdered Abner, Amasa and Absalom against David’s wishes; Adonijah became an unexpected threat in plotting to overtake Solomon’s rightful throne).
    1 Kings 1:12 and 1 Kings 2:46 both conclude with “….and his (Solomon’s) kingdom was firmly established.” Perhaps it was equivalent to “clearing the swamp” in their day!
    More importantly, it seems God allowed Solomon to execute justice by not permitting any of his/his father’s rivals to succeed and therefore being able to reign over a peaceful kingdom (at least for a time).

  3. Wow! This is an amazing summary of the Ancient Israel kings… These videos renew my desire to read the Bible and also make me so eager to know God's people's history and also to know God's character more and more. God bless the Bible Project Team!

  4. I didn't think i had an educated opinion on the bible, so i decided to search, "how to read the bible" and I found this channel. I've always had so many theories and suspicions about life, while at the same time maintaining a faithful relationship with with God at the best of my ability. With that being said, its chilling how I am only this far into the Old Testament and I feel as if these videos are speaking to me and the questions ive had about the nature of life and our existence through out my life.

  5. 1 KINGS

    Wednesday 26th August 2020
    Jesus: "There will come a time when I must clean house from all its impurities and this involves the removal of all infiltrators, fake in heart and imposters just as David instructed Solomon to deal with his enemies. Many Christians have made My Church into a zoo instead of a house of worship because, like those of old who bought and sold in My house, they treat My presence lightly not valuing the holiness of it. When, O Church, did you forget this and turn My house into a den of thieves? I am creating a new thing, but it will not tolerate attitudes, hidden sins, and compromises. I will bring a sword to cut these out because the temple will not tolerate darkness. The question therefore, remains, are you fit for this vision? Does your life qualify for service in the new thing I am doing, or has darkness got the upper hand in your heart? To whatever level you accept darkness in your heart, to the level you will be judged. You have to make sure that My current dealings with you are taken seriously, lest you have no fruit to offer Me in that day and become of those who are cut.

    If you desire to be a vessel worthy of the new thing, then start by praying this prayer which your father David prayed, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” This is the prayer of any true seeking heart and without this attitude, you are going nowhere. When you pray this with a genuine heart, I will honour your prayer and I will begin to show you your heart and refine any impure areas until you become a vessel worthy of the temple. Then, in that day I will bring a sword to divide, you will not be cut out, but one of those to release it!"

  6. Even Salomon with all his wisdom fail and did evil things in God's eyes. It's sad to see the destructive cycle of our sins. The only thing that gives us hope is God's love and mercy that renew each day. We fail and then we repent and we keep going. Only in Jesus we can do anything apart from Him we are nothing. We are being mold in God's hands all the time until we are with Him forever and sins is destroyed.

  7. The entire 19th chapter of 1 Kings is in itself a great study on depression and it's a reminder that even miracles don't always have the intended effect. It's a Biblical story that really needs more attention because Elijah had open communication with God, he did everything God had instructed, God demonstrated a miracle, defeating the prophets of Baal, and yet he Ahab and Jezebel did not repent and still sought to kill him. For Elijah this was rock bottom for him because at the time he was the last prophet to God Almighty and you can imagine how disheartening it must feel, and yet, God doesn't condemn Elijah for feeling depressed, nor for being angry with God, but he helps him through that low point and reinvigorates him, giving him a purpose, reminding him that he still has a plan and it's not the end. That chapter alone can fill a movie.

  8. He only came for the Black. Spanish. And Native Indians. Everyone in the Bible was Black king Solomon. Jesus. James luke. And everybody else . how did they turn Jesus white .he coming for war on all the heathens From all the other nations

  9. It's 2020 and returning to this one can't help but ponder looking at what is happening to the UK (Judah?) and the USA (Israel?) the two most powerful countries in many ways, especially in taking the gospel to the world back, in the day – yet now?

  10. I understand there's two areas of thought regarding Kings.
    1. As an allegory of stories with religious meaning.
    2. A semi-historical account of events.

    The Bible project explains the religious meaning very well. Based on the comments here, I think most viewers understand this.
    The semi-historical account (backed by archeology) is harder to find, but it's available on several places, including Youtube. Referencing Professor Israel Finkelstein mostly, but other scholars too…

    Historically speaking, it's said that David and Solomon "were probably" real, but they were most likely warlord chieftains of a few villages. Jerusalem probably started off as a rest stop for people traveling around the region. There isn't much evidence of a united kingdom per se, but there are share links (like unique artifacts) between Israel and Judah. Judah was more like a city state, but Israel was a confederation of settlements. There probably wasn't any first temple, but if it did exist, some think it was around King Josiah's time when it was built (or refurbished, depending on different views). Polytheism, or some form of it, was the norm and original religious environment of this area….Monotheism came much later after the return from the Exile.

    It's suspected that the 12 tribes of Israel was referencing 12 different origins of the Ancient Hebrews. 12 was just an arbitrary number, anyways, it just means there's a lot. The Ancient Hebrews themselves were a product of several peoples, including local canaanites, phoenicians, ancient Egyptians, Mycenaean Greeks, Hittites, etc. It would make sense if this was true, as Israel/Judah was in the crossroads for many different civilizations and cultures.

    I read that most likely the reasons why Assyria and later Babylon invaded these lands was political in nature, rather than religious. The Babylonia exile most likely took only a small portion of Judah's population, but it was probably the literate elites. It was only a few generations or so, when Cyrus allowed the Hebrews to return…again it was for more political than religious reasons. When the Hebrews returned from exile, they most likely brought back other peoples too, whom they interacted with or even intermarried. With those peoples, came many other different traditions and stories not native to Israel. It was after the return from exile when people began compiling all these experiences and stories, and over time, say a century or two later, was when the Biblical scriptures came to be.

  11. Oh people this life is temporary
    And Afterlife is permanent in paradise All fun with no sadness whatsoever
    Oh people obey Allah the Only God who Created you read Quran and Follow the last Messenger Muhammed peace be upon him So you succeed and be happy in life and Enter Paradise After resurrection

  12. The story of Mannaseh is rather amazing. Particularly the end. Mannaseh humbled himself before the Lord and repented, and the Lord forgave him. From there, Mannaseh truly turned his actions around.
    I hate what Mannaseh did, but I love that God is willing to forgive, even the worst, most heinous crimes if we truly turn to Him, and turn away from sin. Praise God!

  13. Onist to God it's awesome to read the bible everyday but it's a bit hard to understand but thank God I get to listen to this bible project guy who simplifies the bible so I can understand God word more god bless you

  14. This Corona might be bad, but this helped me to relax more. Since I could save time commuting in Bangalore traffic. Now we cousin has a 15-20 min fellowship every day in a weekday. I could able to do more Bible study, and learn about God more closely. Thanks be to God.