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Watch our overview video on the book of Judges, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Judges, the Israelites turn away from God and face the consequences. God raises judges in cycles of rebellion, repentance, and restoration.

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  1. Hey, this was really good for so many reasons! This is my first time seeing a video from "BiblieProject", but I'm sold and now subscribed. Pleeeeeeease keep up the great work! I'm inspired to do something similar but lack the talent to create the artwork or the abilities to produce something as magnificent as this. Thank you for this!

  2. there is nothing, litterally nothing, in the actual text of judges 10-12, that suggests that God did not want Jepthah to sacrifice his daughter. If God really was opposed to human sacrifice, that offer alone should have been a sin, and Jepthah should have lost. But Jepthah won, with Gods help. And God did not stop Jepthah like he stopped Abraham. So what, except for confirmation bias, would ever make anyone think that God didn't get exactly the sacrifice he wanted?


    Saturday 22nd August 2020
    Father: How far can you walk in My blessings before complacency sets in? If I were to give you the desires of your heart, will that steal you focus away from Me, or are your foundations in Me strong enough to hold onto the blessings without allowing your heart to become complacent? For the compromised heart, it does not take long because their foundations are shaky and this causes one’s eyes to wander. Consider the Israelites in the time of the judges. I blessed them with their promised land and it did not take long for them to fall and begin serving foreign gods. And even after they fell, repented and had judges to deliver them, they fell again and again repeating the same cycle over and over. This is the definition of insanity. But before you are quick to judge, consider yourself first. How many times have you repeated the same cycles knowing they had answers to? How many times have I shown you the way out and you turned away serving your own version of foreign gods? Then how are you any different to the Israelites?

    One of the main reasons why I relent My hand from releasing the blessings of Heaven’s flood gates upon you is because I know it will not help you spiritually and I know your heart will become complacent. That is why the testings of life are often a good thing to experience, and that a constant push of warfare, challenges or even a thorn in the side will keep you humble and seeking. The problem you should be concerned about is if life becomes too easy for you especially if you know you have compromises. But even in all this, I yearn to give you abundant blessings and I always am in all situations in your life. Blessed you are to see this and appreciate even the trials you face. When you learn to appreciate them and remain faithful to Me in your lowest state in life, then I will pour out My blessings upon you."

  4. Thank you for this! I am currently reading through the Bible for the first time and after I read Judges I was like woah! just the craziest stories! Thank you for organizing it and presenting the big picture in a way I can understand.

  5. I have enjoyed watching this video which helps to see the whole story of the book. Thanks ~
    One question on Gideon story. Isn't the judge Jephtha who murdered Israelite, Ephraim? (Judges 12:1~6)

  6. I like to believe that God chooses the tragically flawed heroes in Judges to teach us that we can overcome our human conditions by trust and faith through God to become more like him, that’s why God grants these characters with at times the harshest of labors, sometimes unfair and cruel punishments, but then such grace.
    Grace can only truly be appreciated when you experience such tribulations first. It is a gift when you deserve it least. A divine perfect plan that we cannot even begin to grasp while here on earth.
    I think it’s beautiful.
    God is an artist, I just know it.

  7. I love your videos, but I have to criticize your ranking of the Judges here. I do not know how you can say that Samson was the worst Judge when he still stayed true to God even in his personal failures. Basically his only failure is that he put way too much trust in a foreign woman, Delilah, telling her his secret fatal flaw, leading to his own demise. Yet, he still does not abandon God, even glorifying him with his own death. I do not see how you could say he is the worst Judge when other Judges worshipped idols and massacred their own people.

  8. 19-21 censored. The story is staying at a town that kidnap a wife of a person and maybe rape until she is dead. The body is mutilated and sent to each region of Israel. Israel want to pay back by waging war but lose two times. The third time they won by luring them outside the city.

  9. This summary of the book of Judges is pretty bad. It butchers the text. Firstly, Gideon didn't murder fellow Israelites. He executed them. Many scholars and theologians dispute the idea that Jephthah sacrificed his daughter. If you think that Jephthah murdered his daughter, in what way is it possible then that Samson was worse than Jephthah? Lots of problems here.

  10. Jeptha’s daughter wasn’t literally sacrificed as your illustration depicts…..Judges 11.40…From year to year, the young women of Israel would go to give commendation to the daughter of Jeph’thah the Gileadite four day’s in the year. She spent the rest of her life in service at the Temple…your overviews are excellent but check for accuracy.

  11. The song that follows this overview is "While You Were Sleeping" by Casting Crowns. Our world has slept away into sin, while the Saviour is left unwelcome. No home for Him in our world and hearts. May we be part of the remnant that have not lifted up their souls unto vanity.

  12. While there's quite a lot of truth in what you derive from the book, you are also in error, for example 'Samson's life ends in mass murder'??? No! After much defeat giving in to fleshly sin but then being chastised of God by delivering him into the hands of his enemies and losing his eyes, his life ends in victory by God's grace; the execution of the enemies of God, for the murder of children and even practicing child prostitution and other satanically inspired horrible deeds.
    This is just one of your errors.
    But yes overall the spiral went downwards.

  13. Wonderful explanation of what actually our lives are without OUR KING JESUS. Life is chaos, disturbing and without peace.
    We need to have the guidance of our King to help us in our everyday aspects!
    Praise be to God.