The Bible Project | – Overview: Genesis Ch. 1-11

Watch our overview video on Genesis 1-11, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Genesis, God makes a good world and commissions humans to rule it, and then they give in to evil and ruin everything.

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  1. At last we know that the story of creation, of the beginning of things, as told in the “sacred book,” is not only untrue, but utterly absurd and idiotic. Now we know that the inspired writers did not know and that the God who inspired them did not know. We are no longer misled by myths and legends. We rely upon facts. The world is our witness and the stars testify for us.

  2. Hearing this story again after years… I couldn’t see clearly before all the cruelty and inhumanity in it! How can a god be so cruel and abandon his own creations to suffer? I wouldn’t do that to my child and if she makes a mistake I tell her it’s ok to make mistakes! It’s inevitable and we learn from it! If the god didn’t want humans to know why did he even gave them the potential? He was like I won’t accept all parts of you and you need to hide your true selves to be loved by me! That’s NOT love!

  3. I love these videos. But, God does not give Adam and Eve a choice of how to build the world. That is unbiblical and theologically unsound. God tells them what to do, and what not to do. At this point the humans just do what they are told. They do not know good and evil at this point. Only by "Satan" making Eve question God's words does evil enter the story and thus creating a dichotomy to "holiness".

  4. Was it Ham though who did something shameful (Noah was uncovered in his tent) or was he the one who saw after act what happened to his father, and that it was Canaan (Ham's son) who violated his grandfather thus the curse of being the lowest of slaves to the descendants of Japhet and Shem

  5. In the beginning God created man… and went away… a humble god, never meant to brag about its creation… but the devil came in and slaved man, and he encaged man in a small garden, so God created a powerfull tree that would allow man to break free from the garden… the devil then said to the man "look, i just created you, with my infinite power, and "you must not eat from the fruit of that tree, or you will die"… God saw this
    .. as he didnt meant to intervene with the humans he took the form of an animal and told the man "eat from the fruit of that tree, and knowledge will be part of you, you will be free" … the man then said "but the god just said i shouldnt"… "that was a lie" God said….

  6. I had been reading recently but always found the text to be very difficult to read if it was on a new concept (i.e. I have heard the stories of Adam and Eve, Abel and Cain… but not too much in depth on Abraham-Joseph so the new content there was hard for me to grasp), but this made it easier for me to understand better what I had just read.

  7. I pay for you and all of you. Jesus is coming!!! You must find your way to god and believe Jesus die for our sin and that he is our savior. Being an atheist or a non-believer won’t say you from the seven y tribulation. Repent and ask for forgiveness!!! Do it before it is to late!! Don’t be left behind.