Touré Roberts | – "Make it Known" – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Service Date: 01.10.19 8PM
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  1. Thank you pastor this video was posted a year ago …but it's helping me in these uncertain times…my marriage failed I'm wrestless …but you get me up and back on track ….I pray Lord let me come see you live

  2. Jonah 1:7-12
    Make it known

    We're always in God's presence
    It never leaves us
    He uses what we want to give us what we need

    We should use our gift to make earth a reflection of heaven

    We must be obedient to know what God wants for us. Purpose and Vision

    Know what you shouldn't be doing to put you on path for what you should
    He convicts without condemning us.

    He will reveal your destiny when you are ready

    Jonah is on the run from God
    He doesn't want to do the mission

    He may have been afraid of greatness
    Everyone great isn't great

    Morals to speak out against the wickedness
    You're a change agent
    You're responsible to change the current. Have integrity and morality

    He will put you in. The room when you wont be changed by the room.
    Wrong is wrong and right is right

    Remember who God is
    Be righteous to determine what's wicked

    God starts in the spirit realm then it enters our world.
    We can bring down strongholds

    God stretched us to ne more like God.
    Practice doing what is uncomfortable to do what is needed

    God asks you to do something that feels impossible. Like forgiveness to people that hurt you

    Jonah didn't cry out FOR God, he has to cry out TO him

    Make it known
    Do what you are supposed to do
    So you won't end up in a storm

    Season to focus on yourself
    Assess yourself to find people who could thwart your destiny.

    Jonah knows that it is him, then he finds the solution to fix it
    The storm shook him up enough to return to his core

    Know who you are and who's you are

    Make it known that you are are who you say you are
    Get out of the storm caused by your own insecurities

    We're stagnant because we dont know how to walk into rooms and bring what you know
    You'll need Jesus to talk to pharaoh

    I know what's right but I don't want to lose friends or people
    We need to make destiny decisions

    Storm can indicate that you are in the wrong place

    God is still here, we must make it known
    Destiny, gifts, books, etc.

    Jonah 2

    God I need you, hear you and surrender

  3. I love her so much, this woman means more to me than she knows. My surroundings have been poison for too long and today I had so many revelations that it had me motivated to change my situation. I can’t afford now but I’m going to make it happen. I created a GoFundMe and I believe it’s going to help.