Touré Roberts | – "What You Were Never Told About Marriage" – Touré Roberts

Date: 02.23.20
Free Chapel’s One Marriage Conference

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  1. Pastor this was everything to me change has been something that I struggle with even when I first came to know the Lord I felt like I was loosing me the only me I’ve ever known. I thank God for you and than you for answering the call and for speaking truth and not what people want to hear.

  2. WORD. This is everything God has been teaching me and enabling me to apply in my marriage. It’s so humbling and beautiful to let Love lead. Now I’m so obsessed with growing because I have learnt to Trust the process and wisdom of God especially when I don’t understand. God is awesome. God is Love

  3. I thank God that your talking about marriage from God's point of view, scriptural, coz sometimes ppl talk of marriage from their own experience and that makes it more difficult coz my partner might be different from yours, and he might not react in the way yours does to what u adviced me on. The best way is to ask God, coz God knows ppl individually… unless u tell me according to scriptures that what a wife is…

  4. Not EVERY abuser deserves to be left, Some ppl are strong and built enough to take abuse because God knows the abuser will change through receiving real love. The abuser and victim heals each other the victim by showing the abuser "yes you are still worthy of love" and the victim by seeing " yes you need to love yourself" so God uses even abusive marriages for his glory and healing. Abusers are the most damage and the most who needs to see unconditional love by a human. The abuser shows the victim to stand up for yourself and know who you are in God. Deep but true people stop judging abusers and victims, they both are worthy of love if they both are willing to change for the better. And not every abusive marriage is meant to end in divorce. I didn't say all i said some. The ones who are welling to go deep within themselves and heal grow and change

  5. This preaching was such a blessing. It all makes perfect sense listening to this why so many marriages fail. People don’t decide to change and grow. People think the same person they married will remain exactly the same through the marriage but as people we evolve.
    I am open and willing to let God allow me to evolve for my marriage and the life he’s called me to.
    Toure is right it’s not impossible. It’s not too hard. It’s not something thats too hard for us to overcome. In Jesus name we can.