Christian Broadcasting Network | – Worship Leader Rita Springer tells how she became a worship leader

Rita took piano lesson because she was jealous of her older sister while practicing Rita was worshiping but didn’t really know what it was called.

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  1. Awesome testimony!!!! Please consider me if you ever need a drummer with the same passion you have for the Lord. i can be reached on FB messaging Steve Hammer Niewulis.
    i pray God continue to pour out His blessings on you and yours for His name to be magnified!

  2. Rita, this is so beautiful! I have loved worshiping with you through out the years and listening to you worship way back made me want to be a worship leader my self. 17 years later I am doing that. Thank you for sharing your story. Most encouraging.

  3. Our ability to song-write really comes down to our ability to decipher or interpret how we respond and react whether if its about this life, partner, or in our relationship/revelation of God. I can think of two stories Jesus spoke of the woman who lost and found her coins, she celebrated not just on her own but with her friends and neighbors and rejoiced together! A simple maybe overlooked story that we would probably not even consider writing a song about as a response? The other is the man whose debt was wiped which over a lifetime he could never repay yet later he put his friend who owed him a small amount in jail in which the king was outraged and put him and his family into jail. There is also the one with one talent who out of fear and worrying burred it and did nothing. How we respond, react and decipher or put that to words and song capturing it is blocked by our fears insecurities, non-rejoicing in the smallest of things that incorporates your friends, neighbors to celebrate together. Being a clever actor in appearing sorry yet shows its true colours later as being deceptive, ungreatful, unforgiving, uncaring for those less fortunate. Remove the logs, blockers and the grandeur. Hope to hear more amazing life stories and songs that are grass roots level, as Rita said "I was just writing God letters" 🙂

  4. i was just searching for worship leaders testimonies and i just felt something when i saw your video, my heart stirred up and when i heard your testimony. i cried, for the same happen to me, acting was one of my passion but the Lord told me "i want you to worship lead", for a couple of years i was in the worship team but it wasn't really my thing even if everybody says i have a beautiful voice but i wanted to be an actress, after i heard God's plan for me i felt something as i was worshiping i was moved it was never the same anymore.