Hal Lindsey | – Hal Lindsey Report (6.5.15)

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  1. wait till the pope makes his visit to America later this year. this is a plot to lat the ground work for the one world religion along with the one world government out of a chaotic world collapse coming soon!!!!!!

  2. Regarding the biblical army of 200 million, Mr. Lindsey is so focused on China and is so convinced it's China, he is completely overlooking ISIS, which is just as capable (manpower wise) and is a far far greater threat to the world than China.  In fact, I even publicly stated more than a year ago that what we know today as "ISIS" may actually be the beginning formation of that 200 million man army.  And even more obvious to that fact, and again something Mr. Lindsey completely overlooks, is the fact that ISIS headquarters is located in Raqqa, Syria.  And guess what… the River Euphrates runs right through Raqqa.  On top of that, China has zero motivation for taking over the world.  Whereas, ISIS has plenty of motivation… 

    Furthermore, Mr. Linsey states that China's population is about 1.4 billion.  Well guess what, Mr. Lindsey… if you take the time to look, you'll find out there are at least 1.4 billion Muslims in the world as well. And more importantly, it has already been estimated that the total number of "radicalized" Muslims in the world today numbers around "200 million".  So coincidence or prophesy?  In short, if ISIS continues to grow (and I see no reason they shouldn't as the U.S. is clearly not doing enough to prevent their growth) and if they eventually declares war on the world (and I suspect they will at some point in the future, as that's one of the primary goals of Islam, to take over the world) and if the call then goes out for all Muslims to support the Caliphate, then trust me…ISIS would have problem assembling a massive army of 200 million men…

  3. America is now the land of the Godless, fearful and cowards.
    These so called christians are not being forced to deny Christ or their faith. They are willingly making a conscious decision to bow down to employers, government or otherwise and are willingly hiding or are silent on these issues for fear of losing position or job. They should all be ashamed. What do you think Christ told us to do. Defend the faith! Don't bow down to these Godless fools.Shame.

  4. Has anyone noticed that Hal did not write on his paper at the very end of the show like he usually does. I know his health is very poor right now and I felt that this omission was significant. Not sure if I'm reading too much into this, but I'm concerned for him.

  5. HAL  LINDSEY,  I have TWO SIMPLE QUESTIONS for You to answer !

    Rev. Rev.20:5,  declares that …"he Rest of the Dead"…. (Those that have part in the "Second Resurrection", for the unrighteous)… "LIVED NOT UNTIL THE  THOUSAND YEARS WERE FINISHED…"    
    It Does Not Say; …."UNTIL THE THOUSAND AND SEVEN YEARS  Were Finished"   ( which is NECESSARY…. IF… The rapture is to be  Pre-Tribulational" !!!! )
    As the "Second  Resurrection", ( of the  "UN-RIGHTEOUS"  ) HAPPENS EXACTLY 1,000 Years  AFTER the "First Resurrection", (  according to Rev.20:4-6 )   Can You Please  EXPLAIN How you get around THAT ONE ???

    Also, Rev.20:4-5 discusses the fact that the "Martyrs" are  "Part Of" , and INCLUDED in the "FIRST RESURRECTION", (which You claim happens  "pre-T?ribulational ) and these "Martyrs"  testify to the FACT  of having  "Been Martyred"   DURING The LAST HALF of the Seven year TRIBULATION, when the mark of the Beast was implemented  !!!
    How do explain ANY Supposed Resurrection to happen BEFORE the "First Resurrection" is to be Completed , at the END OF The LAST HALF of the Tribulation? ( as per rev.20:4  )

    Morgan Sorensen