Michael Todd | – Trading Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 8)

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  1. I have a testimony. I was suffering pain in my some body parts so I pray in Jesus name and he healed me every time he save me from satan and death. I can't express my love to my father Jesus Christ he is my everything thank you father. I love you my dad. In Jesus almighty name AMEN♥️

  2. Got chills off of this when he rolled up that mat dear god omg I’m crying out to you!!!! I dont have the answers but lord I come to you for them! I’m grateful for my mat and I’ll gladly lay it in front of the crowds and tell my story because you’ve brought me through!!!! I’m proud of that

  3. I used to engage in premarital sex with my ex-boyfriend 'til God pulled me out of that toxic relationship.. but now I am guilty in judging people who engage in that sin… I judge people who wear nasty clothing… forgive me, Jesus. thank You for the reminder where I've been and where You can bring people. change is real. thank You for this sermon. Glory to God!

  4. Trading Faith – (Lazy Faith II)
    Quick Notes;
    • The greatest sign of effectiveness is fruitfulness.
    Reference: Luke 5:17-26, Healing the paralytic man.
    1. Trading Faith is exchanging the faith that got you 'here' for the faith that will take you 'there'.
    (here-medication ; there-miracle)
    *It's by the grace of God you get here, but only faith will take you there.
    2. Trading Faith has to hear the 'hate' but hold on to the 'hope'.
    *There's hope in the presence of God.
    *The 't' words,
    ~(stand up-'trust') Proverbs 3:5,6
    ~(pick up your mat-'testimony') Revelation 12:11
    ~(go home-'transformation')
    Who do you trust in?
    If it's not God, then trade it….
    Put a 't' in 'here' and get there.
    May God Bless You in the name of JESUS! ❤️
    Lots of Love.

  5. To go from Lazy faith to Crazy faith you are going to have to try… you have to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5-6