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  1. Plenty of 5.56. If people today have any doubts about what will happen when it comes. I want people to go look at something. I had a neck injury 6 years ago. I was on hydrocodone for 3. No more. I went to a clinic for help to stop. It was an eye opener. Suboxone for 3years. Go look and see for yourself the line at 6-7 am each day at your local methadone clinic. Go look. I was there for a month. Hundreds of folks. In line each day. Now. When the SHTF these people will all be in WD in 24 hours. And these are the people that want to get clean. Hundreds of them. Trust me. WD is no joke. They will kill. They will be the first to go into the good neighborhoods and hunt. Burn as they go. Food is the last thing on there mind. Food really?? Try your prescription drugs. They will kill you for them. Dont believe me? Take 30min out of your so called important busy life and go look for yourself. The ones in line for the most part are good people. Think of the thousands that are drug addicted walking the streets. Good luck.

  2. Dowell speaks way too in general about everything, never ever specific on nothing. Is they really them, who are you talking about? Are you having an episode on camera and you happen to film it. Give it time and I'll bet everything will not come to pass that you say will happen. If you're going to make such large claims, at least have some proof.

  3. Thank you Pastor for what I have been trying to tell my family and friends the same. Come on people open your eyes and use that brain God gave you, get right with the Lord and sacrifice a little bit of time and money and prepare for the worst and pray for the best, My God bless you all. Thank you Pastor for you are opening eyes.

  4. Seeing & hearing you loud & clear in Manitoba Canada Mr.Dowell! Words to prepare & live by for sure because when s.h.t.f. hits you Brothers & Sisters– It will hit us too! Stay Safe All Good Ones!

  5. People that put all their chips into this world are Satan's useful idiots, and don't believe that anything exists beyond this physical world. People that believe that we must conduct ourselves according to God's laws in this world to make it into God's world exist in this world; in preparation for the next world (the spirit world) with God through Christ. It's that simple. As it's always been, there is a very small number of warriors prepared to protect God's children in this physical world, who simply trying to make it through this life into the next.

    Time to rise up warriors of God …. Time to rise up, and protect the innocent, those unable to protect themselves and all of God's children with a heartbeat; including those still in the womb. Time to end this madness, and the soul sacrificing atrocities of Satan's useful idiots in the physical world.

  6. Is anyone ready for the chaos Brother Dowell? Highly unlikely, I’d like to say that I’m prepared the best I can be but ready? I’ll be the first to admit no not really and it scares the blank out of me, for when a person or people loses everything they have nothing to lose. A lot of good people are going to have to grow up fast including me or we won’t survive.

  7. The World population is doubling every 50 years. Global Warming is ruining the lands and sea ability to produce food. You got the top 3 Richest Americans that own as much as the bottom 50 percent of the Country. You have the top 50 Richest people that own more then the rest of the World combined. Yes, something will be on the Horizon in the next 50 years and nobody is prepared for what’s coming down the pike.

  8. I attempted to get supplies after a major earthquake in CA years ago. People freak and clean out the shelves in a matter of hours! It is breathtaking how fast people buy up water, food, baby formula, flashlights and batteries. I experienced long lines, panic, and price gouging for items that were in high demand! I can only imagine how much worse this would be in a prolonged emergency where hunger and desperation set in because the shelves are not being resupplied!

  9. EVERYTHING OF THE WORLD RUNS OUT. Then what? What it should have always been—trust the Lord. His resources are endless. “Be of good courage. Wait on the Lord.” Only God knows the plan. Trust the process of the Most High and all will be well.