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  1. Only Lemmings wear masks. I'm a trained medical technician and was trained that masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the passage of viruses. Only those uneducated masses are too willing to dawn the mask of tyranny because it's the easy way. Denial is the downfall of man because it is far easier to deny and walk away than to educate yourself about what is really going on. Denial and dillusion are partners. Your inner spirit tells you when something is wrong. That is God taslking and telling you to react but to turn you back on him and walk away is a sin

  2. This is exactly what I am experiencing and seeing in my walk! I gave my life fully to Christ 3+ years ago and since I have walked in repentance and in the way of God I find it hard to find others with the same mindset. They are all in their own self pleasing ways. Its not about what does Jesus want for us, I see it is what feels the best for them and gives them more of this world.

    I am so thankful that God has given me peace and true understanding of what a true believers life should be!!!

  3. I don't put my faith in any man or a any woman! I believe nothing from man in any way whats so ever at all. I trust no man I trust no flesh including my own. I will trip and fall I will fall short I will speak in love and anger but when the day comes in my choice I will pick to die in faith of God's promise to man.

  4. So true its my nature to repent bc im not perfect i got stop smoking cigs its just in my blood to be not sinful n i really need prayers from you n your wife i got some hurtful stuff gping on in my life thats past that i fell to my knees n Jesus forgaved n healed my blood disases i could write a book about my padt but goung make it short i made wrong chouces of my past
    But people dont look what i went threw as a child my dad committed sucide when i was 6 i loved my dad i dont have alit of memories but him in n out of hospitals n the day he died i still remember that day the first day of school n seding my mom running telling us stayed in car i beg my dad go with us tgat day but he chose not n took his life n then i was sexually modlestly as a child from men n i didnt grow up in church after my dad we quit going i made mistakes bad ones but people want let it go n god did i need prayers i stayed here in my home i dont date i do nothing bc im sick n i cant take much more so ready to go be with Jesus

  5. Wonderful message. Strange I was watching your video today and it cut off 3 times and took me to Charles Stanley videos..figured it was a delusion, so I just went back to the video and rewatched whatever the devil was trying to keep me from.