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Hard work is not a consequence of the fall, but a gift. If we are going to fight laziness, we need to develop a good theology of work.

We received an email from an anonymous man who writes, “Pastor John, I am a regenerate Christian who formerly lived the homosexual lifestyle. God used your theology of suffering and brokenness to overcome my sexual desires for ungodly things. But now a new struggle has come upon me — the struggle of laziness. Do you have any advice on how to fight this sin?”

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  1. This a very informative video!
    However the algorithm for you tube and the above YouTube is a secular or worldly algorithm that by passes YouTube and enters selected people's phones or computers trying to send a subliminal message in trying to get into people's mind. For example if someone is injured and in pain from a particular job that requires heavy lifting in tight spaces having to twist your body all day trying to stack and maneuver tons of cargo a day by hand and someone who loves Hod more importantly God loves this someone than hey throw in titles like how to beat laziness and they custom fit the time 4:51 seconds. Never ( very, very rarely) when one is working hard in a 12 hr day us 3 hour and more commute time do they insert in a positive. A testimony that the beast power is customizing and being selective to those who love truth. A man once said " if they do to you they do to me" or when they have done to him they will do it to you. Do not respond take it to the Lord your God ( Father in Heaven) in prayer.

  2. In short: The Worlds definition of laziness is not the Lord's definition because God see's everything not by human technology or algorithms that make men believe their little god's for knowing information about you they are flunky counterfeits of their master Satan. In seeing everything God Almighty takes in account why you sleeved in and by your own testimony so if and when you speak and confess your lazy because your lazy and cannot get out of bed then their it is that is truth. Yet when you are in bed or convalescing ( short term) so to speak then you are not lazy you are healing God gave rest as part of the healing process, that is why when you are really sick you rest in a hospital or after surgery to heal. NEVER NEVER LET THE ENEMY THE JEALOUS WICKED ONE GET INTO YOUR MIND. I will tell you this TRUTH he ( the wicked one) is not strong enough even though he tries to slander or make things up.. REMEMBER:GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART AND WHEN YOU CONFESS WHAT SND WHY YOU STE FOUNG SOMETHING IN TRUTH AND HONESTY THEN WHATEVER NAN MIGHT THINK, SAY OR CONJURE UP ACCORDING WITH THE spirit of satan THERE IS NO VALIDITY WITH GOD ON THIER ACCUSATIONS!!!!

  3. I do have medical problems, am disabled and unable to work, but it's very hard to get a handle on how much I can actually do, especially as aspects of my condition can vary. However looking at myself honestly I do feel I am lazy. I'm sure I could understand the theology of work better, but one of my struggles is to recognise the things I fail to do as work, especially when you compare that to being unable to even work part time and having been a complete failure as a household manager. I am single and live alone but struggle to maintain my home, to feed myself, keep me and my clothes clean etc. and yet I do produce both computer code and computer art, but all from the comfort of my bed where I do not experience the physical pain of my condition. I have come to recognise that pain is something most people experience, their feet will ache after a long day standing up, for me I probably fall over before my feet ache. I have accepted that in order to do the work I need to do and should be doing that I will feel some pain, but the balance of feeling pain but not injuring myself is fine so I avoid it and feel that in itself is lazy.

  4. Thank you for this! I actually USED to be so hard working! I worked until I wittled out long after everyone else went to bed. I never stopped moving, honestly, never. When I turned 50, I retired (myself) as a Dental Assistant! You generally don't see dental assistants at my age because we're pretty much crippled up from hunching over patients for 30+ years and running and pretty much "doing" everything other than "injecting" and/or "drilling". My fingers are twisted with arthritis, and both knees are worn out from arthritis, and jumping up and down out of a chair to grab this or that is just NOT possible anymore, and nothing is getting easier. I'm now 55, But, TODAY, I thought to myself; I HAVE TO GET MOVING AGAIN! I HAVE to get motivated to get my butt up and working again! NOT as a dental assistant but as I productive Godly woman, not only for myself and what The Lord expects of me, but who wants to be respected by my husband (as much as he can offer anyhow) and to be an example to my grandchildren. I'm praying for the physical and emotional strength, and as much motivation as the Lord will bestow upon me to get me moving, and keeping me on a good and steady pace. I KNOW the Lord will move me, and I'm going to become my hard working self again!

  5. Okay so my question is if God is our doctor and healer, isn't it him who we need to seek in order to be healed. Why do I need a pill to fix me up if it's Jesus who heals me. I battle laziness and have no doubt that it's medically answered .. but is it wrong to just believe God will heal it ?

  6. Depression can be a huge motivation killer. Then, lack of motivation adds to depression. Snowball effect. Doing small, short, or partial tasks can be a first step to help both. Getting outdoors and just walking can help both also. Among the video thoughts and many comment suggestions.

  7. Please pray that my friend Tal would come to know the lord whether you see this today or five years from now. The lord is mighty and I know he hears my prayers so whether one or 10000 of you see this and pray it’s worth it. God bless!

  8. I’m lazy and i dont want to wake up because my mom kept nagging and I really hate it. And so my body has been given a death sentence everytime she talks, and naturally I detest waking up, what should I do?

  9. I work in an industry where team work is required. How do I deal with coworkers who are lazy and/or choose to be lazy because they know that I work hard. Do I do the work for them, or refuse to work until they put in their part?

  10. John Piper believes that man has no free will and that God manipulates our every move.

    If that’s true, why give advice on anything to people who have no power to do anything? If we’re just puppets, then let God do what He wills with us. If we’re lazy then that’s God ordination on our lives. We can’t do a thing to change what God ordains.

    Why can’t Piper see his inconsistencies?

  11. You may read a short text called the Present which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project.The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follow the steps of Jesus.A life- changer!

    We are kept not because we become more good than other people.
    We aret kept not because we become lesser sinners than other people.
    We are kept not because of our own effort.
    There is nothing spectacular in us and we have no difference from other believers.
    We must not forget that we are all sinners saved by grace and apart from Christ we are nothing.
    We are all hopeless and helpless sinners without Christ.
    The reason why we still stand is only because of the sustaining grace of God.
    The grace of God that saved us is the same grace that will sustain and enable us to continually endure, obey the truth, and will keep us saved right to the end no matter what may comes against us.
    We may still fail and we may still sin but .Christ will uphold us always.
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    The Father in heaven sent His own.Son to die for sinners.
    People are all sinners in the sight of God, no one has the advantage over the other.
    No one is able to justify his sin by presenting his own good deeds before God.
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    His sin has been covered by substitution of the Messiah in his place.
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    And to our God,
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