John Piper | – The Story Behind "Though You Slay Me" (Shane & Shane)

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  1. As a convert to the Catholic church in 2008, I would just encourage you to not believe the lie that Catholics aren't "saved". I've never found so much grace, mercy, forgiveness, and peace as in the Catholic church. Christ is just as much the center of their belief as in any other denomination. (More, in my opinion) Catholics LOVE Christ and have personal relationships with Him.

    To top it off, this song IS the Catholic ideal of embracing suffering AND the answer to Shane-n-shane's "Be Near".

  2. "I believe in God the Father, Almighty Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only begotten, Son of our Lord. He was concieved by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, buried, and dead. He descended into Hell and on the third day He rose again. He ascended into heaven, where He sits at God's mighty right hand. I believe that He's returning to judge the quick and the dead and the sons of man."

    -The Apostles Creed

  3. To those of you who are arguing about denominational differences:

    If you believe the words in my last post and hold them to be true, then no matter what denomination or ethnic background you're from, I greet you as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. beautiful song, i'm sorry for his loss. although a "calvinist", john piper is an enigma in the sense that although he subscribes to the false teaching of predestination, he has gotten it right on his view of jesus' second coming after the tribulation (post trib), which the bible clearly states will happen (matthew 24:29)

  5. A beautiful song and a marvelous story by this man of praise in the storm. It's sad that people use their time and opportunity to argue doctrine instead of thanking God for this song and this story of encouragement in their comments.

    Lighten up, folks. You don't have to always be the person who says "That's great, BUT…"

    Thanks Shane and Shane for sharing this wonderful song of praise with us.

  6. Two weeks I lost my husband of only 6 years to a massive heart attack. He was only 36. I fully resonate with the situation of praise rising up in the yuck. It's been a tough yet beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing this. 

  7. I'm with you on the sorrow of parents and loved ones passing from your life. I lost my mom also, and I love the beauty of this song, but I have issues with the doctrinal aspect of the song. The phrases "God gives and God takes away" and "Though you slay me, yet I will trust you" were both spoken by Job, who didn't know the Lord or His character until the end of the book, when God showed up and corrected him. Under the New Covenant we're now under, God doesn't "slay" us, or "take" from us. Jesus makes it clear that it's the devil that comes to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give us LIFE, and life more abundantly. The idea that God takes from us, or puts us through hard times to test us, isn't in the bible. Trials will come, and God will use them, but it's never Him that puts us through the fire. God wants us to be full of life, joy, peace, and abundance. Be assured that, if there is death or destruction somewhere, it has the fingerprints of the enemy on it. Never God's. Jesus is about good things, not bad things.

  8. Catholics commenting here are confused about Shane mentioning his mother previously being catholic, and is now a believer. What he means is, she used to be catholic, but then she got born again, as per Jesus in John 3:3. Catholics don't have a concept of the new birth, unless they have been truly born again, but are still going to a catholic church. You must be born again, in order to see the kingdom of God,

  9. Can someone please explain to me the statement of "though you slay me"? I don't believe that God is the one that is slaying us and putting up though tough things. I belive that the devil is the one that is putting us though the hard times. I just don't understand.

  10. "You couldn't escape this joy," he said, describing his mother's joy in the midst of suffering.  That's the mystical, transcendent joy of Christianity.  It is completely uncircumstantial, and only discoverable at the end of a rainbow of pain. 

    The notes below, which don't want to duly ascribe to God his sovereignty over suffering, shows how well-meaning people cannot understand how God turns our "ashes to beauty." 

    If God does not control suffering, He controls nothing.  Indeed, He does rule over our anguish, not wasting a drop of it, majestically wielding it to bring us to a place of indefatigable joy (Philippians 4:4).  The joy she "couldn't escape."

  11. I lost my baby on November 6 this year at only 27 days old. He had trisomy 13 which doctors called "incompatible with life." Doctors told us to abort when we found out at 10 weeks but we carried him to term and he lived glorious 27 days. The journey was so extremely painful but God was present in our suffering and gave us peace. The moments before our son was taken into Jesus' arms was very painful but we sang praises to God with joyful hearts when he joined Jesus. Your song ministered to me during my journey…Thank you!

  12. thank you for your story. I am in such pain and scared out of my mind. Lately my faith is being tested and I don;t think I'm passing this now but this song is helping. And I am trying. I am trying to believe that He is real and not just a tale but with each waking minute of my day especially when I sit silently admiring my beautiful daughter all I can think about Is "Why, Why do you give her to me and now you want to take her from me?" I can't stop but think "If you're here to love me and wipe my tears from my sorrow then why?" When I was introduce to this song i was so broken and now after listening to it a million times I can say that I am trying not to be so angry.. Therefor Thank you..

  13. Amen!! Thank you for sharing! I have experienced daily this reality of GODS strength in me to continue praising and worshipping all day long as I look down the long road of suffering. GODS grace is indeed sufficient! No matter what! Lean on HIM and know HE is GOOD!!❤️

  14. Love this song! It has definitely got me through times of hardship and helped me to trust God despite my pain. So grateful that God was able to bring about something so beautiful from a heartbreaking situation, I'm sure this song has touched the hearts of so many and given them peace. Thanks for writing and producing such a beautiful song, and thank you God for using these men (and woman's) pain to bring hope to others! You continue to amaze me!! ♥

  15. why mention she was a catholic like catholics are not believers the arrogance of protestants are unbearable and the ignorance is as high as the sky.. you have a lot to learn my dear lost cousins of the faith you know little to nothing about what authentic Christianity is about.. this is why the churches today look more like concert halls than a place to worship God..

  16. i think this is a beautiful story regardless of the whole "catholic/believer" stuff. I dont understand why people have to go and make such a huge fuss. It's a beautiful story and experience. we may not truly or wholly understand God's work, words, will, etc. etc. so just leave it be and get along!

  17. This song convicted me in so many ways, more than you can imagine. I once said I couldn't sing this song wholeheartedly because the lyrics made me realise who God is and exposed my issues that I needed to deal with. This song is beautifully written. God bless you guys.

  18. I'm a Roman Catholic and I am a believer. I am in love with Jesus Christ, and my life belongs to Him. I'm so sorry if your mom was hurt, or had a bad experience, or was never fed in the way she needed. Know of my prayers for you and your family. In Christ Jesus- JB

  19. I am a completed "Born Again" Jew. Shortly after giving my life to Christ Satan started his attacks. Having lost money (went from earning enough to pay bills and travel to never knowing if I was going to pay the mortgage), lost the dog I loved (age 10, way too young), and prestige as well, it has only drawn me closer to Him. For God is the true source of Joy, all else is transient.

  20. I went to a concert years ago where these guys opened. They were virtually unknown. I was so in love with their harmonies that I bought their first album and memorized every song. They are still blowing me away. I'm so blessed to be able to perform their songs.

  21. I can't believe some of these comments from Christians? why must we cut on one another's faith? I don't remember reading anywhere in the Bible where God or Jesus said one faith is greater or better then another… your eyes he came into the world to save it not condemn it, judge not less ye be judged. only 1 God and 1 son and neither one of them are posting on the internet. I hope God keeps you all safe and you all have a blessed day..

  22. I do get the point of the song but this vid is still hard to watch. I so often, and this time too, get the feeling that many Christians believe that if we just beg God to do things, what ever happens is his will. That's not the case. If it​ was so, why do we have promises in the bible about for example healing, and why does it say in 1 Tim that God wants everyone to be saved? How can we read what it says right there, and yet we believe that what ever happens, it's God's will? People die unsaved, does that mean that God didn't want for them to be saved? Absolutely not. "Though you slay me I will still praise you" — "if you, God, choose to ruin me and my life that's no biggie, I will still praise you". Why do we give God credit for doing stuff that might as well be the works of the enemy?

  23. Wow. I can relate. Saved in late 2015, from Catholicism as well, during separation then divorce ,lost Oliver, shih tzu pup, house, car everything. However, found Jesus. Now lead a Bible study small group, all by God's grace and plan. Satanic attacks and spiritual warfare pretty quick and consistent since. However, my freedom and joy in Christ is…. indescribable. Jesus, THANK YOU.

  24. Through all the trauma, abandonment, physical and emotional pain, this song has given to me the words that my mind and heart have felt. Because of it, at the end of each painful moment which no doubt has returned over and over again, it has giving voice to my grief and direction to my gaze to "sing a song to the one who's all I need". Thank you! Bless you Shane and Shane. In Jesus' name, amen. #prayforone

  25. Thank you for your words today revealing the depth of the inspiration for this song. I recently lost my Mother and my son suddenly without warning. Your words have helped me. The same verse came to me at that time. Your Mother received the word as a deposit in her heart and the word set her free to praise The Lord in her sorrow. The Lord gave her that word in good time to raise up a standard in her heart so that when the sorrow came in to slay her she was not slain. She was able to stand by the Standard of The Word of God in her heart and praise Him with the first deposit of the Lord's peace when her husband passed over. The word that was given to me by the pastor who commemorated my son's death was the same word that the Lord gave me to speak that day at his graveside service. I hope this word brings you comfort as well. “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. heart;" John 12:24 Also this word "The righteous perishes,
    And no man takes it "
    Merciful men are taken away,
    While no one considers
    That the righteous is taken away from evil." ~Isaiah 57:1