Louie Giglio | – Releasing Anxiety – Ben Stuart

“For many of you, your biggest problem is not your problems, it’s your anxiety about your problems.”

Jesus presents anxiety as one of the biggest impediments to seeking the Kingdom of God. For many of us, worries and anxiety in life keep us from all we are meant to be under God. This week, Pastor Ben Stuart reminds us that there is an invitation to cast our cares on Him. Our anxieties are not too heavy for God — He is there waiting for us to release [support us] /> —
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Comment (39)

  1. I love his passion and excitement for the Lord. It translates into his sermons and he is able to deliver the word of God accurately and with great fervency and passion. I used one of his sermons in a sermon Jam a few months ago and I look forward to using one of his sermons in the future

  2. Incredible! Thank You, Lord! I really needed that! Ben, the visuals and real life testimonies really opened my eyes to see this thing better! I've struggled with anxiety and panic and depression all my life! Thank you for your preparation so you could be God's vessel to open the Word! I'll be listening to this again with a notebook!

  3. Just got off of a week at estes park, colorodo for student life camp where Ben was the pastor the whole week, and he had me leaving colorodo different then when I arrived. God most certainly knew what he was doing when he put him in this world, and I thank god for him.

  4. First heard him live at a leader meeting in Daytona , Florida for passion camp. This man amazes me. Being diagnosed with so many anxiety disorders have made it harder to lay it all out, being anxious of rejection from God. but i know that anxiety does not label me, God does. Thanks Ben!

  5. I would love to travel from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to this church, to hear this man preach in person. God has used Pastor Stuart to touch my life in profound ways. Thank you for honest speaking and speaking in the vernacular so I can understand well.

  6. Ben Stewart is an awesome Pastor. I visited family in DC on Easter and they brought me to their home church, Passion City, and I truly feel that he gave one of the most informative and engaging sermons I've ever heard. Also, I appreciate his candor in front of the congregation.

  7. Wow! This sermon popped up in my feed just now. Placed there by God at the perfect time I needed to hear this sermon. Thank you Lord for speaking to me through Ben! I was left in tears with an encouraged heart ❤