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  1. Thank you Pastor I was so mad about this coworker trying to undermine me. You're right I should just do my thing. Focus on positive things. Wish good health to everyone reading this.

  2. Amen brother!!!! Thank you so much! I've been feeling alone in this… Started on a new path God was leading me on and my mother has been freaking out and acting controlling.. acting like it's a competition.. even though I'm trying to be humble and am just helping people… Getting my hands "dirty" doing it… Help me God not to lose heart. It has become intense recently.. not giving up!

  3. A younger relative admitted she hated me cause I had a better life than hers 🙁 I would notice she was less hostile with other people and treated me differently like she was so mean and had a horrible attitude. I can sorta sympathize her pain and where the anger and frustration comes from and I’ve never been in her shoes so I can understand it makes her feel some type of way

  4. When you ignore them, be aware of the narcisistic rage. You not being bothered by them and becoming even more successful fill their nerves with more hate. Prepeare for the potential attacks. They will trigger and try to fight with you to make you look bad in front of other people. Never engage with their petty arguement. Keep your balance people, don't fall to the trap.

  5. Hey, I had a friend she used to have two jobs , that time was down no job ,she gave me and I started working well the employer liked my job how I take the job seriously, my friend turned her back on me spreading roumers I take her job, everytime I go to sleep she tries to attack me in dreams, I decided to leave that job, she went back and take her job back I remaind with nothing but I made a decision to cut my relationship with her completely.
    I was a prayerfully person due to prayers God opened for me another door today am a real estate manager .

  6. My older sister has always been jealous of me. She has the idea that beauty is everything and is blinded by the superficiality of it. Not to brag, but I have physical things that she wished that she had. This has always made me miserable, because she is an amazing person but sometimes, I dont think that she realises that, she gets out her anger on me and hits me and hurts me with words and tries to hurt my relationship with my parents. It has been like this my whole life, but when she moved out at 17, it was like heavan to me because I cant handle it. I still love her and I wished that she felt good about herself.